Amazing things can happen for patients and employers when you make healthcare affordable, convenient and radically simple. Read on for impactful stories about how OurHealth’s near-site and onsite clinics have helped employees make healthcare a priority for their teams and how we’ve helped patients achieve life-changing health improvements.

Rick’s Journey

For Rick Huffman and his family, taking the first steps towards a more healthy lifestyle was a part of a longer, more difficult journey of loss and recovery. See how Rick transformed his life and outlook.

“I needed to show my family that it wasn’t too late for us, that we could make these changes and we can change our lifestyle for the better,” Huffman says.

Client Success: KYB

For manufacturer KYB, creating an onsite primary care clinic not only improves quality of life for employees but helps it stay productive and competitive in a global market where every minute matters. See how OurHealth’s flexible solution helped KYB reimagine its approach to employee wellness and occupational health.

Mike’s Story

Mike Hartle knew something had to give. In late 2017, he was consuming more than 4,000 calories per day – with little physical activity. “I was just tired of being tired all the time,” he says. With advice from his health coach on developing new eating habits, Mike made the choice to get healthier. He shares his story about losing weight and gaining a new perspective.

Client Success: Centier Bank

With an established reputation as one of Indiana’s best places to work, Centier Bank takes its benefits strategy and prioritizing its associates’ needs seriously.  And that’s one reason OurHealth’s patient-first focus made for an ideal partnership.”We have to be competitive, we have to be strategic – but we always make sure our decisions are right for our associates,” says senior partner Chrisanne Christ. See how OurHealth’s care philosophy and scalable solutions keep Centier at the top of its game.


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