Independence that pays.

We are a proudly independent provider of primary care clinic solutions. That means our only success metrics are yours: making your people healthier and saving them money.

Driving outcomes through data.

We focus on asking - and answering - the questions that matter. The end result is a holistic view of data that can improve your bottom line and contribute to a healthier, happier workforce.


OurHealth offers your organization a comprehensive wellness strategy and primary care clinics located just minutes from your employees’ work or home. Employees can find a path to better outcomes for their health – and their wallets. And you can be sure you’re investing in a wellness strategy that actually works.

Near-site clinics

To get your employees’ health where it needs to be, we meet them where they live and work. Our MyClinic network model is designed to create sustained engagement that helps your team stay healthy and your healthcare dollar go further.

Onsite clinics

True convenience is about more than being where you need it; it’s about being precisely what you need. Eliminate barriers to your workforce’s healthcare with a dedicated OurHealth clinic located onsite or just minutes away.

Wellness solutions

Our scalable wellness solutions enable patients to achieve improved health at every state of awareness and risk, from identifying conditions to providing personalized health coaching and establishing long-term health partnerships.

Population insights

We believe data helps tell a simpler story. We analyze data from clinics, claims and risk modeling to create actionable insights that improve ROI every step of the way.


From routine visits and immediate care needs to chronic condition management and holistic wellness solutions, OurHealth simplifies your healthcare experience. Our independence from insurance carriers, hospitals and other care groups means we work exclusively for you.

Primary care

With visits averaging 20 to 40 minutes and wait times of less than 5 minutes, we’ve eliminated barriers to make the most of the bond between patients and their healthcare providers.

Immediate care

Got an issue that’s too minor for the ER but too urgent to wait? OurHealth is equipped to handle immediate care needs from common injuries to sudden-onset pain or symptoms.

In-clinic dispensary

Getting the medication you need should be easy for you and your wallet. That’s why we dispense more than 150 common medications onsite in our clinics often— at little to no cost—and offer free home delivery, saving employees time and money.

1:1 Health coaching

Wellness is more than medical services, it’s about finding the motivation to consistently create healthy choices. Our team of health coaches helps patients unlock their healthiest potential.

Lower-cost labs

With more than 3,000 labs available at no charge to patients, we make getting tests and results fast, easy and more convenient.

Care navigation

When a specialist is needed, our independent referral team works with each patient and their health plan to provide unbiased recommendations and compassionate guidance based on quality and value.

Personalized condition management

We make primary care more personal by providing every patient with the proactive support they need for managing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more.

Same- and next-day appointments

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to feel well. With multiple locations and flexible hours, we make your same- or next-day appointment—and your health—our priority.

Online tools

With the OurHealth Patient Portal, patients can schedule appointments, view clinic services, self-report health measures, send and receive secure messages and request medication refills.


OurHealth’s population-specific focus optimizes employee engagement, data analysis and outreach programs at every level of risk to maximize your healthcare ROI.

Targeted outreach & engagement

Our population-specific approach leverages data to optimize communications and outreach programs to maximize effectiveness. With employee engagement scores of 60% or higher, it’s a wellness strategy that works.

Data & analytics

We’ve built our technology infrastructure to seamlessly integrate medical and pharmacy claims, risk modeling and clinical data from a multitude of sources–giving you a cohesive picture of your population’s health.

Wellness programming

We focus on prevention and foster a culture of wellness through comprehensive services including biometric screenings, physicals, educational programming, 1:1 health coaching and more.

Occupational care

From pre-employment to on the job, we take site safety seriously by deploying proven protocols for physicals, screenings and workplace injury triage.

Rx savings

We believe better care can cost less—about 20% less in fact. With pre-negotiated pricing, in-clinic dispensaries and home delivery, our medication strategy saves your organization money by being more cost- and adherence-effective for your employees.

Lab savings

With more than 3,000 labs performed onsite or by OurHealth partners at discounted rates, we make getting results more convenient for employees and less costly for your health plan with a 70% average savings.

Ready to simplify your wellness strategy?