OurHealth is reacting to COVID-19 in real-time to be a steward of the public health response and to provide ongoing support to our clients and patients. We believe the number of documented COVID-19 cases is substantially underreported, and we expect large regional variation in the impact so our response will be dynamic. It is our mission is to keep our patients and eligible members well and out of the hospital during this pandemic.

Please use this page to find any resources we have shared, links to our webinars and frequently asked questions we’ve compiled.

*Last updated: Wednesday, May 27*


To be the best partner to our client and our community, OurHealth is committed to a high level of transparency and over-communication as we navigate COVID-19 in the coming weeks and beyond. We will be hosting weekly webinars to provide any updates we may have as well as answer questions you may have.


Is OurHealth testing for COVID-19?

No. Our No. 1 obligation is to the individual patients we serve. There are capacity constraints on testing among both public health authorities and commercial labs right now (and lots of regional variance), and while many are rushing (in some cases unproven) tests to market, there are still some fundamental limitations to the use and value of testing. For patients outside the hospital, testing doesn’t really change the clinical management and it’s important to understand the potential for false positive and false negative results. The value is primarily a public health goal of improved surveillance and monitoring of the spread. Our goal right now is to limit the spread through social/physical distancing, provide primary care services to our patients (most of which we can do remotely through virtual and telephonic care even for potential COVID cases) and keep our staff and patients safe.  One value of testing, which we are exploring how we can help in a targeted way, is to provide essential workers such as first responders the ability to get back to work faster once proven to be negative and not infectious.  At this time for all these reasons, trying to spin up a high throughput drive through testing service is not the best use of our critical resources and how we can best help the patients and communities we serve.

Is OurHealth cancelling non-essential clinic visits?

Our top priority is to limit the transmission rate of COVID-19 while continuing to serve as a trusted healthcare access point for our patients. One of the best ways we can do that is to transition as many visits as possible to telephonic or virtual instead of in-person. As of March 16, our team began reaching out to all scheduled clinical appointments to offer a telephonic visit instead or to reschedule the appointment for after June 1, 2020. All health coaching appointments were transitioned to telephonic as of March 13.

Has OurHealth closed a clinic in response to COVID-19?

Yes. Our bias is to keep all physical clinics open, but we have had a couple onsite clinics close temporarily as directed by the employer due to a deep cleaning requirement and/or state or local guidance. We also have several onsite clinics that remain open, despite the closure of the employer itself. Even if we must close a physical clinic temporarily, our care teams are equipped to continue providing care via telephonic and/or virtual visits and all have continued to do so. We have not closed any MyClinic locations in Indianapolis, Charlotte or Cincinnati.

Is OurHealth treating suspected COVID-19 cases in their clinics?

No. We encourage every patient who believes they may have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, respiratory distress such as cough, congestion, sore throat, difficulty breathing) to call us before coming into our clinic. If the phone triage turns up a suspected case, we will contact the local health department for advice on next steps.

If a patient does show up in our clinic with symptoms, the clinic staff and patient would be immediately outfitted in protective gear (N95 masks, gowns, gloves and face shields) and the patient  moved to a closed off area for evaluation. If the evaluation suggests a potential COVID-19 case, the clinic staff would contact the local health department for advice on where to send the patient. Once the patient was removed from the clinic for further treatment, the room would be cleaned and left undisturbed for four hours to ensure the removal of any contagion.

How is OurHealth supporting clients during this time?

Our response is dynamic, but here’s what we’re doing right now:

  • Weekly webinars for our clients and benefit consultant partners to update them on our response protocols and answer questions
  • Daily emails and calls with updated FAQs and advice for employers as they navigate this situation with their employees
  • Weekly patient emails with reminders for how we can support them, including telephonic and virtual visits, wellness tips to navigate the stress and uncertainty and instructions for how to maintain their medication supply
  • Partnering with clients to author or update their pandemic response plans and to serve as a resource for those strategy sessions
  • OurHealth has instituted COVID-19 surveillance for every clinic, which leverages our EMR and case management system to quantify the suspected cases. This information is reviewed on an hourly basis and we can re-deploy staff or protective gear accordingly to ensure adequate coverage.

What is OurHealth doing as an employer to limit the spread of COVID-19?

As of Monday, March 16, all corporate employees transitioned to work from home (WFH), including a fully virtualized call center. This plan will remain in place at least through May 4 and in accordance with any state or federal guidance.

Our Occupational Health Program Manager is tracking every known or potential COVID-19 exposure among our clinical staff and is the point person to manage all testing and quarantine efforts. Any clinical employee who is ill with possible COVID-19 symptoms will remain out of the clinic for a minimum of 7 days, with at least 3 days fever free without the use of medications and improving respiratory symptoms. If COVID-19 testing is performed, employees may return to work upon a negative result. Every employee who has a direct exposure with an individual known to be positive COVID-19 will self-quarantine for 14 days and will be tracked twice daily by our team.

All non-essential business travel has been halted until further notice. All corporate events have been cancelled. We currently operate in six states and are actively monitoring local guidance to maintain our compliance as the landscape changes.


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