Patient Success Story – Tim Murray

Tim Murray didn’t realize he was experiencing diabetic symptoms (constant fatigue and vision problems) until he visited his OurHealth clinic for a biometric screening to earn an incentive through his employer’s benefits program.

That screening revealed a dangerously high A1c measure of 13.8%, well into the high-risk category for diabetic complications.

Unfortunately, Tim is not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), estimates one of every 11 people in the US has diabetes (more than 29 million), and one out of every four don’t know they are living with it. While alarmingly high, these numbers can be lowered by taking simple steps to prevent diabetes. Lifestyle changes such as exercise and a change in diet can dramatically decrease your chances of diabetes.

“I’m glad I went to that screening because if I hadn’t, I probably would have just kept going like I was without knowing I had diabetes,” Murray says.

Following his diagnosis, Tim’s OurHealth physician immediately developed a personalized treatment plan and coordinated diabetes management education. Tim started having regular appointments at the clinic and sees the OurHealth physician as his primary care provider.

A year and a half after the biometric screen, he maintains an A1c measure of 7%, his diabetic symptoms have decreased, and he consistently meets with his OurHealth physician. Tim leads a healthy lifestyle, walks during the workday, and goes kayaking with his wife and two sons.

“I feel way different now,” Murray says. ”It’s like night and day.”

Annual physicals and biometric screens are quick and easy ways to maintain your good health, or in Tim’s case, catch a condition before it is too late.

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Like many health and wellness improvements, the first step is awareness. To learn more about your current health – including options for wellness screens and tests for chronic but manageable conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure –  schedule an appointment with an OurHealth provider.