What is Near-Site Healthcare?

Healthcare is a topic at the forefront of many conversations these days, but it may surprise you that employersnot politiciansare increasingly the vanguard to effectively changing the healthcare landscape. How are they affecting this change? By creating cost-effective yet meaningful healthcare offerings for their employees.  

Unfortunately, many large-impact solutions require significant resources and an investment that might not be feasible for every organization’s budget. While making a large monetary investment in employee healthcare might not be an immediate priority, it’s still possible for employers to directly address personal employee carewithout a hefty price tag.

Near-site clinicslike their counterparts onsite clinicscan help employers combat common issues and streamline unnecessary complexities when it comes to delivering exceptional health services to employees. Unlike onsite clinics, which are typically located at the worksite and created specifically for one company only, near-site clinics offer shared costs among many employers and are frequently built, operated, and wholly maintained by a solution provider, which also reduces cost.  

Investing in an Onsite or Near-site Clinic Solution Directly addresses: 

Rising employer healthcare costs: Giving employees easy access to care can increase the likelihood of employees actually receiving appropriate and timely care, resulting in healthier employees. Offering a near-site clinic option can also reduce the risk of costly care episodes, such as emergency department visits, which can drive employer healthcare costs rates up, especially for self-insured employers.

Employee chronic conditions: Chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol create significant costs for many employer healthcare plans, but these conditions are preventable and manageable. Having a one-stop clinic nearby can help employees detect early signs of chronic conditions as well as combat onset issues.

Wasted employee time: Employees can spend up to half a day traveling back and forth between a traditional doctor’s office and their jobsite. With an onsite clinic (or even a near-site clinic), employees can cut this time down significantly, or even eliminate this wasted time all together.

If your organization’s goal is to deliver proactive care to employees without increasing care costs, a near-site clinic could be the answer you’re looking for.

Advantages of Using a Near-Site Clinic Network

When an employer becomes involved in a near-site clinic, they are essentially buying into a closed network that is only open to activated organizations. While onsite clinics require development, construction, and furnishings, near-site clinics usually just require a one-time or repeating fee. Near-site clinics are typically sited in close proximity to an employer’s worksite or worksites so that it’s easy for employees to receive primary care, fill prescriptions, have diagnostic tests run, and even address workplace injuries in a timely manner. Many near-site clinics also offer health coaching services to help employees work on fitness goals or address chronic conditions.

OurHealth currently has a network of near-site clinics in Indianapolis and Charlotte.

Near-site clinics also offer extensive employer benefits on top of employee health services, even outside of the decreased investment required to participate. Newer and smaller companies can easily join a near-site clinic network, which can serve to attract new employees while retaining current ones. Some clinic networks even have multiple locations, meaning employees can visit any clinic in the network, depending on their location.

Differences Between Near-Site and Onsite Clinics

The biggest difference between a near-site clinic and an onsite clinicoutside of locationis cost. Onsite clinics require significant employer investment and resources, with dedicated time being a major factor. Near-site clinics are developed, built, and even managed by outside organizations, reducing internal involvement significantly. Near-site networks are often more convenient to employees because of their multiple location offerings, making it easier for them to receive care on a regular basis.

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

Onsite clinics are a popular option for employers who want to deliver maximum long-term care to employees. If your organization is looking to deliver long-term benefits as well as widespread care, onsite and near-site clinics can be used in tandem. Delivering the ‘best of both worlds’ to employees provides the convenience of onsite care alongside the flexibility of near-site locations.

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Both onsite and near-site clinics deliver primary health care to employees and eligible dependents with little to no cost passed along to the employee. While employees may take advantage of an onsite clinic for the convenience of location, their dependents may find it easier to rely on a near-site network location that proves easier to access. Either way, the health services provided are easy to engage with for all parties involved. As employers, this approach represents an incredible opportunity to set your company apart from competitors when recruiting new talent or looking to keep retail current talent.

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Ready to jump-start your employee healthcare offerings without increasing overhead costs? Onsite and near-site clinic networks, like the ones offered by OurHealth, can help increase both healthcare ROI and employee wellness. You can learn more about near-site clinics at www.ourhealth.org.