State of Indiana Opens Onsite Primary Care Clinic at Government Center

Government Center Clinic by OurHealth brings convenient, affordable onsite healthcare to more than 7,500 state employees.

INDIANAPOLIS — Through a partnership with Indianapolis-based OurHealth, the State of Indiana has opened an onsite clinic at the Indiana Government Center. More than 16,000 state employees and their family members live or work nearby. Government Center Clinic by OurHealth, which begins operations today, provides comprehensive primary and immediate care medical services to covered employees and their families.

“Indiana is making great strides to improve quality of life for Hoosiers – and that includes improving access to healthcare,” Gov. Eric J. Holcomb said. “Offering medical care when and where it is most convenient for employees not only makes for a better workplace, it supports overall wellness.”

Founded in 2009, OurHealth provides employer-sponsored onsite and near-site primary care clinics and wellness programming. The company’s primary care model is designed to address three factors – patient access, quantifiable health improvements and overall cost.

The model leverages technology and data to learn unique organizational challenges and inform custom healthcare solutions addressing the needs of each workforce. Each solution embraces the growing body of research confirming more focused time with patients leads to a higher standard of care, and in turn, predictable savings.

Clinic providers are empowered to spend quality time with each patient, which further enhances individualized treatment plans and results in greater patient success.

“OurHealth provides employees and their families with the healthcare they need, when and where they need it, all while saving them and their employers a lot of money,” said OurHealth co-founder and CEO, Ben Evans. “As an Indiana-based company, we’re thrilled to partner with the State of Indiana to improve the health of thousands of Hoosiers while also generating measurable savings for Indiana taxpayers.”

The company currently operates clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

OurHealth clients enjoy an average savings of 17 percent on health plan costs through better management of chronic conditions, ER avoidance and reduced lab and drug costs. The company’s Indiana clients include a wide range of employers, including CNO Financial Group, Ice Miller, the Indianapolis Airport Authority and the City of Indianapolis.

The onsite clinic is one of several enhancements this year that promote a healthy workforce and reduce healthcare costs while supporting the State’s emphasis on engagement through wellness and clinic services. Onsite and online wellness coaches are now available to covered employees and spouses throughout the state, part of a program that rewards employees with reduced premiums and other incentives when they complete best practices for proactively supporting good health. And the State now offers an interactive online platform, also in conjunction with OurHealth, which engages participants in wellness activities and competitions linked to healthy living and overall wellbeing.

In addition to these benefits, the State is continuing a heightened focus on mental health as a critical component of well-being by increasing employee access and options in 2019 for counseling sessions with licensed therapists under its employee assistance program.

About OurHealth
OurHealth provides employer-sponsored healthcare to organizations of all sizes via its onsite and near-site primary care clinics. Its system of industry-leading near-site clinics, called the MyClinic network, significantly lowers the barrier to entry by allowing employers to gain immediate access to a network of primary care clinics. OurHealth offers a comprehensive healthcare approach to its clients and their employees, which includes primary care services, wellness services, onsite laboratory and medication dispensing services and referral guidance. OurHealth has clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To learn more about OurHealth, visit