OurHealth Data Team Uncovers more than $150 million in Potential Medicaid Savings; Wins Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge

October 25, 2017 – INDIANAPOLIS –  OurHealth, a leading provider of employer-based clinic solutions, leveraged its data analysis expertise to uncover more than $150 million in potential Medicaid savings in the form of avoidable emergency department visits as part of the Indiana Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s first-ever Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge. The analysis earned OurHealth’s team First Place in the one-day hackathon.

The Indiana Medicaid Data Challenge was designed to foster ubiquitous awareness and ongoing conversation about healthcare data and technology across a wide audience.

“At OurHealth we focus on improving the health and wellness of the populations we serve through our primary care services blended with technology,” said OurHealth Vice President of Data and Analytics, Brian Norris, who led the hackathon team. “If you think of the typical Emergency Department experience, a person can spend hours going through the process. This leads to a ton of lost productivity and a much higher cost of care.”

As part of its winning entry, the OurHealth data team utilized Emergency Department data sets containing over $500 million worth of emergency spend over the previous 5 years. Seeking the answer to the question of how much of this spend was potentially avoidable, the team utilized the NYU probabilistic decision tree algorithm, the AHRQ Clinical Classification System, and more than two dozen data sets.

The team’s analysis – presented in an interactive infographic via Tableau – revealed that more than $150 million over the 5 years’ worth of potential ED visits which would have been better served by primary care and another potential $100 million or more of those by non-emergent acute care. The OurHealth data team’s First Place prize carries a $1,000 prize which will be donated to Second Helpings, an Indianapolis-based food charity.

“The team decided to donate our winnings to Second Helpings because good health starts with a good meal,” Norris said.

About OurHealth:

OurHealth is an Indianapolis-based provider of onsite and near-site primary care clinic solutions for employers. Its mission is to increase access to primary care providers, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare spending through wellness strategy, including population health data analysis and reporting. The company was founded in 2009 by Ben Evans and Dr. Jeff Wells. Learn more at www.ourhealth.org or @OurHealthClinic