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Mecklenburg County selects OurHealth for near-site clinic network

Indianapolis-based primary care clinic provider adds to growing Charlotte MyClinic Network

CHARLOTTE (October 16, 2018) – Mecklenburg County today announced an expanded partnership with Indianapolis-based OurHealth, the nation’s largest near-site healthcare clinic network for employers. The County joins Belk and the City of Charlotte.

OurHealth will provide a full suite of primary care services, including wellness screens, physicals, acute care and health coaching for the more than 10,000 employees, non-Medicare retirees and their dependents covered on the County’s medical plan. Mecklenburg is North Carolina’s most populous county with more than 1 million residents.

The partnership adds to OurHealth’s growing presence in the Charlotte metropolitan area and to its roster of strong municipal clients, which today includes the City of Charlotte, the City of Indianapolis and the City of Fishers (Indiana). The company’s MyClinic network includes five clinic locations in Charlotte, seven in Indianapolis and three opening in Cincinnati in January 2019.

OurHealth is on a mission to save employers $1 billion in healthcare costs, and to date has saved its clients more than $140 million. The company is celebrated for its consistent approach to patient care, including bright and open clinics, waiting times of less than five minutes, appointments that average 20 – 40 minutes and a patient satisfaction score of 98%.

“Working in a state that understands the burden employers are under with rising healthcare costs and that values the delivery of quality care, transparency and affordability is a perfect match for our mission,” said co-founder and CEO Ben Evans. “The Charlotte MyClinic network began in 2016 with the City of Charlotte, and adding Mecklenburg County employees is a natural fit with our ability to provide excellent primary care services to the area’s government workers.”

OurHealth drives value for clients through customized primary care solutions, leveraging technology and data to learn each organization’s challenges and tailor programming to optimize results. Healthcare providers and clinical staff are empowered to spend quality time with each patient with a goal of creating individualized treatment plans to achieve greater patient success.

The company currently operates in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Last year, OurHealth patients lost a combined 33,000 pounds, 76,000 points of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and 2,000 points on hemoglobin A1C levels, which is the leading indicator for diabetes. Clients realized an average annual savings of 17 percent on healthcare costs, mostly in the form of reduced emergency room visits, savings on specialty referrals and reduced lab and medication costs.

OurHealth was founded in 2009 to solve three problems in the healthcare system: lack of access, poor health outcomes and unaffordable cost escalation for employees and employers.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, OurHealth expanded into North Carolina in 2016. In 2018, OurHealth announced the opening of its newest MyClinic network in Cincinnati. Its growing roster of clients includes the City of Charlotte, the City of Indianapolis, the City of Fishers, OneAmerica, CNO Financial Group and the Indianapolis Airport Authority.


About OurHealth

OurHealth is the country’s largest near-site clinic network for employers. Its MyClinic network significantly lowers the barrier to entry by allowing employers of all sizes to gain immediate access to a network of primary care clinics. OurHealth offers a comprehensive healthcare approach to its clients and their employees, which includes primary care services, wellness services, onsite laboratory and medication dispensing services, and referral guidance. OurHealth has clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To learn more about OurHealth, visit www.ourhealth.org.