How Employer Clinics Attract and Retain Top Talent

We’re living in a competitive time, and it’s more important than ever for employers to set themselves apart from the crowd when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. The modern employee is all about unique benefits and perks, which employers can deliver both inside and outside of the workplace.

While it might come as surprise, a recent study found that health benefits are the most-requested perk of millennial employees, and many companies are starting to offer these benefits in the form of onsite and near-site primary care clinics. These clinics make it easy and convenient for employees to visit regularly with primary care physicians (often without leaving the office), as well as engage with high-value services like diagnostic testing, health and wellness coaching, and free or low-cost medications dispensed in the clinic.

Here are three ways onsite and near-site clinics can help employers attract and retain top talent:

1. They create a company culture of wellness

Near-site, onsite and other employer-sponsored clinics are a great opportunity for organizations to build a large-scale, long-term infrastructure of health and wellness. Not only do they help promote regular primary care visits, but they can help facilitate other kinds of appointments as well. Everything from nutritionists to wellness planners and even fitness coaches can be arranged through workplace clinics. Instead of being another face in a long line of patients, employees receive personalized, one-on-one care from a real physician or health coach who knows their face, name and medical history.     

Workplace clinics go a long way toward making health and wellness part of the company culture because they become ingrained within the company community. Instead of having to take multiple hours off to drive to an appointment, sit in a waiting room, see a doctor, follow up with nurses and then drive back to the office again, employees can simply go directly down the hall or drive a few miles away to a dedicated clinic. Near-site and onsite clinics help both employers and employees facilitate a culture of wellness while also preserving efficiency or productivity (or employees’ coveted PTO).

2. They reduce the risk of critical health issues

Surprisingly, according to a recent study, only 8 percent of US adults ages thirty-five and older had received all of the high-priority, appropriate clinical preventive services recommended for them. Without regular checkups and screenings, employees have a greater risk of critical health issues or chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol or diabetes. These critical conditions can lead to expensive care experiences or even result in hospitalization. For employees, working for employers who take an active interest in long-term wellness outcomes is a definite plus and can help both attract and retain them.

3. They encourage healthier lifestyles

Employer-sponsored clinics refocus the average employee’s view of ‘healthcare’ into something bigger than just an insurance plan. When an employer takes such an active role in its employee’s health and lifestyle, it makes it clear to both prospective and current employees where an organization’s values lie. Today’s employees enjoy eating healthy, exercising, and generally living healthier lifestyles than past generations, and employees are actively searching for employers who share these same values.

Near-site and onsite clinics give employers the competitive edge they need to both attract new employees and retain the ones they have. OurHealth, the leading provider of near-site and onsite clinics, can help your organization realize a significant return on investment in talent retention.