The Holiday Pudge Effect: 4 Weight Gain Prevention Tips

Did you know the average holiday dinner contains approximately 3,000 calories, with the possibility of another 1,500 calories in appetizers and drinks? It’s very shocking that within several hours you can consume enough calories for two typical days. With that in mind, let’s talk about weight gain prevention during the holidays.

Holiday Weight Gain Prevention

The average person will gain approximately 1 pound during the holidays.

This may seem minimal, but there is a cumulative effect: most people do not lose that pound, and continue to add pounds over the course of the year.

Below are four tips to help keep the pounds away:

Tip 1: Get yourself moving.

This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do for weight gain prevention during the holidays. Don’t skip your workout on Thanksgiving Day. If you are not in the mood for a typical workout, take a walk or ride your bicycle and enjoy a gorgeous Fall day.

Tip 2: Get everyone moving.

There are numerous family-friendly after-dinner activities:  Cornhole, flag football, kickball, and for us “old timers”: Twister. Create teams, such as the Colts vs. Panthers. Make it competitive; keep score!

Tip 3: Consider “commercial exercising.”

If being outside will interrupt the Thanksgiving football games, consider “commercial exercising.”

The average one-hour program has approximately 18 minutes of commercial time. Use this time to get moving: Squats, walking or jogging in place, and jumping jacks are great exercises, and no equipment is required.

Tip 4: Take of advantage the pre-Black Friday madness.

A number of malls and big box stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day.  Use this time to window shop and enjoy the holiday décor while accumulating steps.

No matter what activity you decide to participate in, it will beat the alternative, which is the post turkey nap.  This holiday season remember to enjoy, relax and stay safe!

OurHealth Regional Medical Director, Dr. Teressa Watts