Global auto manufacturer partners with OurHealth to improve employee quality of life

KYB Americas is the world’s largest supplier of OEM shocks and struts and considers Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi as its main customers. KYB also has a huge aftermarket business supplying automotive parts to retailers like Advance Auto Parts and O’Reilly’s.

At the company’s 500,000-square-foot operation just south of Indianapolis in Franklin, Ind., more than 700 associates produce as many as 5,000 parts every day. Recruiting and retaining hard-working assemblymen and women and machinists is critical to maintaining their output, and company leadership saw the addition of an onsite primary care clinic as a great way to retain their edge on a global playing field.

“Our leadership team had a vision for providing the clinic, but we didn’t understand the logistics necessary to make it happen,” says HR Assistant Manager Janet Bentley. “So, I started benchmarking the vendors, and ultimately we chose a different administrator, which over time did not provide the service we were hoping for. After four years, we decided to partner with OurHealth because their philosophy aligned with ours. They’re transparent, and we believe they will help us move the dial for our high-risk associates.”

OurHealth physician assistant Larry Vandermolen and medical assistant Julie Pickett help KYB employees feel their best at the KYB Health and Wellness Center at the company’s Franklin, Ind., manufacturing facility

KYB already had a great partner in LHD Benefit Advisors and the two had worked together on a population health strategy which highlighted that more than 15 percent of its associates were on the bubble for diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. “We have the potential to turn these associates’ lives around so they do not become diabetic or hypertensive. We are at a pivotal point, and we believe that OurHealth can help our associates make that transformation through their administration of our KYB Health and Wellness Clinic.

KYB reopened their clinic in May of 2018, under the new administration of OurHealth and Bentley says associates absolutely love the services. “Every clinic service – including prescriptions – is free, and it’s onsite.”

They also love the provider. Bentley and Bill White, KYB Benefits Specialist, shared story after story of individual associates who have been positively impacted by the care they have received at the KYB Health and Wellness Clinic administered by OurHealth. “Larry [Vondermolen, OurHealth physician assistant] is so thorough, and his professionalism is amazing. A lot of good things have happened for the folks who have had an opportunity to be seen by him. Everyone deserves to have that kind of care,” says White.

Bentley agrees. “The KYB Health and Wellness Clinic has been a great and wonderful thing. Lives have been saved.”