OurHealth Patient Success: Yashica’s Story

Yashica Milton knew she was at risk of becoming diabetic. She has a family history, and previous testing had revealed elevated blood sugar levels, but she says the results were still shocking after a 2018 health screening with OurHealth revealed prediabetes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prediabetes occurs when blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to signify Type 2 diabetes. It affects roughly 84 million American adults, and of that group, 90 percent are unaware they have prediabetes. Without lifestyle changes, people with prediabetes are very likely to progress to Type 2 diabetes.

Fortunately for Yashica, prediabetes can be reversed with healthy lifestyle changes, and she was more than up for the challenge. “I wanted to take control of it before it got there,” she says.

Yashica could access health coaching through her OurHealth benefits with Centier Bank in Merrillville Indiana. That’s where she first met Heather Semento, a certified health coach with OurHealth.

“I was kind of hesitant on doing health coaching,” she says. “Honestly, in my mind I didn’t think it would help. I don’t know why—I just assumed they would make me cut out everything and give me some really strict plan to follow, but it was nothing like I imagined.”

Yashica and Heather began meeting weekly to plan a path forward that focused on increasing her physical activity and making healthy changes to her diet. To Yashica’s surprise, she didn’t have to stop eating the foods she loved. Instead, Heather had her focus on moderation. That meant she could still have some of her favorite guilty pleasure foods like cookies and potato chips.

Yashica says the moderation approach made it easier to stay on track, and eventually her blood sugar started to tick down.

“At first it didn’t drop as fast as I thought it would but the more changes I made and the better I ate, the more it dropped,” she says. “It was awesome just to see I was moving in the right direction.”

Boosting her exercise was more challenging, and Yashica admits she spent most of the day sitting at her desk. But just like with her diet, they focused on small, attainable goals that ultimately began to pay off.

“Initially, it started with walking around the department a little bit, and then I started walking around our building,” she says. “Then it moved to the treadmill and elliptical and now I do jazzercise five days a week – and I absolutely love it.”

Within a year of starting health coaching with Heather, Yashica lost over 30 pounds and her A1c has dropped to a healthy measure without the use of any medication. She credits her success to her personal drive, but also having Heather to hold her accountable.

“I feel great,” she says. “Some days are better than others, and even when I don’t feel like working out I still do it because I always feel better afterward. I have so much more energy, I can walk more and my feet aren’t hurting anymore. I absolutely love exercising now. Who would’ve thought?”

Yashica believes she will maintain her new lifestyle moving forward and encourages others to stay focused and work hard toward achieving their health goals.

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” she says. “I think all of us want it to happen tomorrow, and that’s just not the case. If you keep pushing and moving forward, eventually you’ll see results.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Lisa’s Story

Athletics have always been a big part of Lisa Herron’s life. She’s a former aerobics instructor, kickboxer and runner. In 2012 alone, Lisa completed six half-marathons.

But her genetics ultimately caught up with her. Over the last few years, Lisa underwent a foot surgery, followed by two cervical spine surgeries. She says it made it difficult to stay physically active.

In early 2019, Lisa started a job at OneAmerica Financial Partners in Indianapolis. She was due for her annual physical and could access OurClinic @ The Tower as a part of her employer benefits, so she scheduled a biometric screening. The results were a stark wake-up call.

“They didn’t come back favorably,” she says.

Lisa’s A1c measured 8 percent and her triglycerides measured over 500 mg/dl. An A1c reading above 6.5 percent indicates diabetes, while a triglyceride reading of 500 mg/dl falls in the “very high” range, according to the Mayo clinic.

Lisa had no idea she was at risk of diabetes. There’s a family history, but she says the thought never crossed her mind.

“It scared the daylights out of me,” she says. “But I wanted to live. In the past few months, I’ve lost four friends because of heart attacks and strokes, so it fueled me to be healthier.”

Lisa joined a diabetes support group and her benefits manager at OneAmerica encouraged her to try health coaching. That’s where she first met Debbie Richardson, a health coach with OurHealth.

Lisa was determined to change her lifestyle and get healthy. She began meeting regularly with Debbie and together they charted a healthy path forward that focused on lifestyle changes, not medication. She also joined a gym and started exercising several times per week.

Lisa says changing her diet was the hardest part.

“I love to cook, so I’ve had to reinvent the wheel of having healthier options,” she says. “Debbie’s guidance was that 90 percent of what goes on my plate needs to be vegetables with a clean protein.”

Lisa committed to eating only 1,600 calories per day and stuck with it. To help hold her accountable, Debbie helped her sync an app on her phone with her Fitbit so she could monitor her daily calorie intake.

Within three months of starting health coaching, Lisa’s A1c and triglycerides both dropped to a healthy measure (without the use of medication) and as an added bonus, she lost 30 pounds.

Lisa credits her success to the accountability and guidance she received from Debbie, and the support of her employer and the OurHealth clinic staff.

“She’s embraced the entire journey for me,” Lisa says. “The whole clinic and my employer more than wrapped themselves around me. It’s nice having the accessibility to have it done right here at our office building.”

Today, Lisa says she feels great and is full of energy. In May, she logged 100 miles on the treadmill. And her positive attitude has influenced friends and family to also make healthy lifestyle changes. Lisa’s mother recently lost 15 pounds while her boyfriend dropped 30 pounds.

“I’m trying to be a kick-ass 50-year-old,” she says, adding that she’s already signed up for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in 2020.

“This isn’t just a quick fix for me,” she says. “I have to own this destiny. That’s been my biggest takeaway from Debbie. This isn’t going to be three months and ‘Oh, look at what I did.’ Because of genetics and my age, this will be my lifestyle moving forward.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Barb’s Story

Barb Price says she began experiencing irregular bleeding one day while at work, and initially didn’t think much of it.

“I was going to dismiss it, and one of my co-workers put her mom hat on, and her mom foot down and was like, ‘You’re calling your doctor,’” Barb says.

Barb uses OurHealth as her primary care provider, so she scheduled an appointment that day at MyClinic @ Traders Point, which she can access as an employee benefit through her job at Bosma Enterprises. She says the clinic staff was immediately concerned and told her to come in as soon as possible.

Bosma Enterprises provides employment, rehabilitation and training for people with blindness or visual impairment, and over half of their employees – including Barb – are legally blind. To accommodate their employees’ needs, Bosma Enterprises offers transportation services to and from the clinic.

“Even if you schedule the same day, Bosma will put in a request for a driver,” Barb says. “And OurHealth’s really good about calling back over when we’re done so they’ll send somebody back over to get us.”

Barb saw OurHealth physician Dr. Mark Fakhoury, who determined she needed to see an OBGYN, and OurHealth’s referral team scheduled an appointment for Barb a week later at St. Vincent in Indianapolis. The OBGYN performed a dilation and curettage procedure, which revealed precancerous cells.

“They referred me to another doctor, a gynecologic oncologist at St. Vincent, and they decided to do a full hysterectomy,” Barb says. “Upon doing that, they found that I had Stage 1, Grade 1 uterine cancer. They went ahead and did a five-dose radiation treatment, internal radiation treatment to make sure they had gotten it all.”

Barb is now feeling better, and she says she’s grateful Dr. Fakhoury and the clinic staff took the time to listen to her concerns.

“The day I was there, I know there was at least an hour that the doctor spent with me,” she says. “OurHealth takes the time to spend personal time with their patients and takes the extra time to make them feel like they’re somebody, not just shuffle you in and shuffle you out. Had I not called into the doctor that day, who knows six months from now what would’ve been going on.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Scott’s Story

For years, Scott Hutchison put off going to the doctor. But as his 70th birthday approached, he had a sudden change of heart.

“I had experienced great health for a number of years,” Scott says. “But something just gnawed at me, that I needed to get in and at least have a physical, which I did.”

Scott could access OurHealth’s Indianapolis MyClinic network via his employee benefits at Anthem Insurance in Indianapolis, so he scheduled a physical exam at MyClinic @ PNC.

That’s where he first met Dr. Eric Wallisa.

“I met Eric and liked him a lot,” Scott says. “One thing that caught his eye were two lumps on my neck. I’d had them for 1 to 2 years and was initially told informally by an RN that they were most likely little cysts.”

Dr. Wallisa took a blood draw and told Scott he was concerned about the lumps. They could be harmless, he said, but the lab work would be the “tale of the tape.”

“I said, ‘I’m not asking you to make a judgement without having all the facts, but what do you think it could be?’” Scott says. “He said, ‘Well, it could be a form of a blood disease and, based upon your age, it could be a form of leukemia. But let’s find out.’”

Scott’s physical was on a Friday. On Saturday, he received a startling call from the lab.

“They basically said my white blood cell count was off the charts,” Scott says. “They didn’t tell me the numbers but said I should get in to see my primary care physician immediately, which I was able to do with Eric on Monday. So, the access with OurHealth is spectacular, and especially in cases like mine.”

Scott’s white blood cell count measured an excess of 250,000 mcL: A normal reading measures 3,400 to 9,600 mcL, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Wallisa suspected Scott had chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The next step was to have a hematologist oncologist confirm the results. He gave Scott a list of suggested providers and asked him to let him know once he’d made a decision. Within a week, OurHealth’s referral coordinator team was able to schedule an appointment for Scott with a hematologist oncologist at Community Hospital in Indianapolis.

“They looked at everything and did their own blood work,” Scott says. “They confirmed the diagnosis of CLL and we discussed an array of treatment options.”

CLL is a form of blood cancer that targets a group of white blood cells called lymphocytes, which help the body fight infection. There is no cure for CLL, but it’s manageable with proper treatment, and patients can live for years with minimal disruption.

Scott began a six-month treatment plan of targeted therapy that included a combination of chemotherapy and medication. Almost immediately, he says his white blood cell count started to fall. And with each subsequent treatment, it ticked even lower.

Scott says his treatments were exhausting, but otherwise he feels fortunate that he didn’t experience any negative side effects. He didn’t get sick, and he never lost his hair.

After the initial six months, Scott’s white blood count returned to a healthy level, but because CLL isn’t curable, his oncologist gave him a couple of options for going forward. Scott chose to continue his targeted therapy for another 12 months, but they switched to a bi-monthly schedule.

Today, Scott says he’s feeling good and his treatment is going well. A recent CT scan revealed his lymph nodes have returned to normal size. He says he’s grateful to have met Dr. Wallisa — who he credits with saving his life — and he now utilizes him as his primary care physician.

“I call him if I feel anything out of the ordinary, because he is just all over it and has given me spectacular guidance,” Scott says. “If I call in, I hear from him that day.”

And even though Scott’s condition has improved dramatically, he says Dr. Wallisa remains as vigilant and proactive as ever.

“During a recent visit, he told me, ‘You dodged a bullet with that diagnosis—which is a great thing, but my job isn’t over. My job is to keep you healthy and make sure that something else doesn’t come along to complicate things, like going forever without a colonoscopy. So, you need to go get a colonoscopy.’”

OurHealth Patient Success: Jim’s Story

Jim Sturgeon says he never imagined the discomfort he felt in his chest signaled a far more serious problem.

“I was having sporadic chest pains off and on for a couple of weeks,” he says. “Initially, it started as a pressure in my chest. I had never felt it before, but I didn’t think it was my heart.”

Jim says it wasn’t really a sharp pain, but more of a dull pressure that initially lasted for a few moments. But after the symptoms became more frequent and long-lasting, he decided to seek medical help.

Jim saw nurse practitioner Elizabeth Jernagan during his initial visit at OurHealth @ Haynes Health Care Center, which he could access through his employer benefits at Haynes International in Kokomo, Indiana.

“She examined me and said, ‘You need to go and take a stress test,’” Jim says.

Two days later Jim went in for a cardiac ECG test, which involves walking on a treadmill while sensors measure how the heart responds to stress. He says he was on the treadmill for less than a minute before the nurse rushed to get a doctor.

“He looked at the monitors and said, ‘Stop, you need to sit down,’” Jim says. “They gave me nitroglycerin to calm my heart down and then started prepping me to be taken to the cardiology catheter unit to have an emergency procedure performed where they went up through my groin and put three stents in arteries coming out the right side of my heart. The following Tuesday I went back and they put two stents in the left side.”

What Jim didn’t realize is he was on the verge of having a heart attack. He says he’s fortunate Elizabeth immediately recognized his symptoms.

“It was primarily Elizabeth who diagnosed me,” he says. “Who knows if I would have died or had some major problem. I feel very fortunate Elizabeth was there and told me what to do. She very well may have saved my life.”

Jim says the fact that he was able to quickly schedule an appointment at OurHealth @ Haynes Health Care Center was another factor.

“I called that morning and got in that afternoon,” he says.

Today, Jim says he’s feeling much better – he’s started exercising regularly and he’s changed his diet. Most importantly, he says his heart wasn’t permanently damaged.

“I’m not ready to run a marathon but having blood flow to all regions of my heart is awesome,” he says. “This was a huge wake-up call. I got in at the right time and hopefully I now have a new lease on life.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Brandy’s Story

I first visited MyClinic @ Northlake approximately three years ago. Honestly, I’m not sure if I remember exactly why, but it was either to get my biometric screening or due to a cold. I can access the clinic through my husband’s employer benefits with the City of Charlotte.

At the time, I wasn’t actively in control of my health and was more than frustrated by the climbing co-pay every time I stepped into a doctor’s office. We heard we could access the Charlotte MyClinic network with no copay, and I admit I was more than skeptical at first. I thought, “There’s no way this is quality healthcare if there’s no copay and there are so many locations to choose from.” Reluctantly, though, and because I had lost hope in my previous primary care physician, I decided to schedule an appointment.

When I first met Dr. Teressa Watts, I was blown away. She is very attentive, knowledgeable and personable. At some point early on in our medical relationship, I ended up asking Dr. Watts, “So, could you be my primary doctor?” And thus, it began.

Before becoming Dr. Watts’ patient, I was already diagnosed with bipolar disorder, hypertension, prediabetes, anxiety and endometriosis with PCOS. I requested for all of my medical records to be sent to Dr. Watts and updated her on all my present-day medical conditions. It’s quite a laundry list of conditions to take on from a brand-new patient, but I think she could tell I was struggling to find a doctor that I could connect with, confide in and have hope in.

Shortly thereafter, I had an onset of tough allergies that I didn’t even know I had. I went through months of difficult breathing, chronic sinus infections and headaches. After several treatments of inhalers, nebulizers and steroids, Dr. Watts referred me to Carolina Asthma & Allergy—it was a real game changer! I’m now receiving two allergy injections weekly and haven’t suffered a sinus infection in over a year. I’m so thankful that Dr. Watts didn’t continue to drag out one round of antibiotics after another and one inhaler on top of the other. She realized something else was going on and was quick to refer me to an allergist. The entire process was very seamless.

My next obstacle – weight loss. Boy, what a challenge that is! Dr. Watts has never made me feel inferior or badly about my weight. She has always listened to every single complaint and treated each one individually while educating me on its relation to my overall health. Around the latter part of 2017, I voiced my sincerest desire to Dr. Watts to be healthier and lose weight. She was very realistic with me and explained that I shouldn’t expect too much from myself over the holiday season. She told me that it’s one small decision after another, and I have to tackle a different task daily and take small steps towards that giant goal. I made some drastic changes in my diet in January of 2018 and in February I joined Weight Watchers. By June, I had successfully lost over 60 pounds and couldn’t wait to see Dr. Watts again and show her.

At my most recent biometric screening, my waist is the smallest it has been in two years, my blood pressure is spectacular, I’m no longer at risk for prediabetes and my allergies are very well-managed.

Since becoming a patient of the OurHealth clinic, I’ve been able to find a wonderful balance for all of my different medications and for the first time in my life, I feel completely in control of my health. I know that I have a lot of work left to do, but I’m hopeful and supported in reaching my goals.

Dr. Watts and I communicate often on the OurHealth portal, in person and via phone consultations. I believe she has a vested interest in me, my health and my well-being. Dr. Watts understands my nuances and how particular I am about seeing different providers. She knows that I drive 45 minutes one way just to see her and she is always very respectful of my time with her.

I used to dread going to the doctor’s office. I used to feel completely hopeless—as if a good doctor didn’t even exist. The availability and accessibility of the OurHealth clinic cannot be matched. From the immediate sick visits at any of their locations, to the delivery of prescriptions from HomeMeds, I’m beyond impressed and so thankful. If I still feared having to call a doctor or drag myself into their office, there’s no doubt I would not be in such a healthy state of mind and body like I am now.

Thank you, Dr. Watts, and to each and every nurse and phone representative I’ve ever encountered at OurHealth! I’ve literally never had a single negative or unpleasant experience in over three years. Dr. Watts, Lori Buckner, Teresa Watson, Beth Scheck and Nichelle Simpson have changed my life. I’m so humbled and beyond blessed to be their patient (their favorite patient, I’m sure!).

– Brandy Teets, OurHealth Patient

OurHealth Patient Success: Adam’s Story

Adam Finn of Indianapolis says he struggled with obesity for most of his adult life. Several unsuccessful attempts at weight loss over the years left him feeling jaded, so he never imaged a routine medical appointment with OurHealth would be the catalyst for significant change.

Adam first visited OurClinic @ Woodland in August of 2018 for a medication consultation. The clinic provides onsite primary care and wellness services for Genesys employees in Indianapolis.

During his consultation, Adam saw Tish Lynch, a physician assistant at OurHealth. Tish performed routine lab work that revealed he had high blood sugar and elevated levels of fat in his liver, also referred to as fatty liver disease.

Tish warned Adam that if left untreated, fatty liver disease can cause serious damage to the liver. It was a stark wake-up call, to say the least.

Adam says Tish then suggested he meet with Debbie Richardson, a certified health coach with OurHealth.

“I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve been on a weight rollercoaster for probably 15 years and I’ve been on huge swings,” he says. “I didn’t know that a health coach would be able to tell me anything I didn’t already know. I figured ‘Hey, it’s here, it’s a resource so I’ll give it a shot.’”

Getting Back on Track

Adam began meeting regularly with Debbie to chart a healthy path forward, which involved improving his diet and getting more exercise. Rather than taking drastic steps and cutting out entire food groups, Adam says they took a more practical approach and focused on moderation.

“I haven’t eliminated anything from my diet,” he says. “Now, I’m really focused on portions. Debbie has helped me realize and helped hold me accountable that if I want some cookies, I’ll just have two.”

Adam says being held accountable to someone outside of his close circle of friends and family played a major role in his success.

“In the back of my mind, I want to perform well and show results,” he says. “So, that’s just an intrinsic factor that keeps me going.”

While he needed help getting his diet under control, Adam says Tish’s warning was all the motivation he needed to start moving.

“I’ve been on a complete tear,” he says. “I haven’t missed a day of exercise in 80 days, whether it’s walking, elliptical, running or weight lifting. It’s just been a huge change.”

Within five months of starting health coaching with OurHealth, Adam says he’s shed an impressive 50 pounds, his liver is healthy and his blood sugar has dropped to a normal level. More importantly, he feels like he has a new outlook on life.

“What’s different this time about any other weight loss I’ve gone through is the confidence I’ve gained through my interactions, and I’ve realized I don’t need to be so negative on myself,” he says. “What’s happened in the past has happened. I can’t change that.”

Adam says he’s confident he’ll continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and is excited about the future. Ultimately, he’s grateful to have Debbie and the clinic staff located onsite at Genesys.

“Everybody has been super friendly,” he says. “It’s been an excellent experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Andrenetta’s Story

For years, Andrenetta Galloway of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department suffered from “strange” health symptoms that included unexplained rashes, severe leg and foot pain, debilitating headaches and extreme fatigue.

At first, the symptoms would come and go, but overtime they became so severe she could no longer function. Desperate to find the cause of her agony, Andrenetta says she visited four different doctors, but none seemed to understand what was wrong.

“I had been on multiple medications and none of them were working,” she says. “They’d do basic blood work and say, ‘We can’t find anything serious to be worried about.’”

But Andrenetta clearly knew something was wrong.

“I was missing a lot of work and lost a lot of weight,” she says. “I was so sick and couldn’t get any information on what was wrong with me. I didn’t know if I had cancer or what. I was scared to death.”

One day, Andrenetta saw a flyer hanging in the police department promoting OurHealth benefits for City of Charlotte employees and decided to schedule an appointment.

She met with Dr. Teressa Watts, OurHealth regional medical director, during her initial appointment, and admits she was surprised by her in-depth questioning.

“At the time, I was kind of laughing that she wanted to know my entire life history,” Andrenetta says. “But I was thinking in the back of my mind, ‘What if I find out what’s wrong with me?’”

Near the end of her appointment, Dr. Watts asked Andrenetta if she’d ever been tested for lupus.

“She said, ‘I really feel like we need to explore it,’” Andrenetta says. “She told me what the testing would involve and gave me really in-depth information. I was satisfied with what she said as far as the route we were going to take. For once, it felt like someone was trying to help me.”

The test results confirmed Dr. Watts’ suspicion, and Andrenetta was diagnosed with lupus.

She’s now in treatment and has to have infusion therapy a couple of times per month, but ultimately, she feels significantly better.

“I’m not going to say I’m 100 percent now, but I’m 100 percent better than I was before I started dealing with Dr. Watts at the clinic,” she says. “I’m on a lot of different medications, but they are the right medications.”

After four miserable years, Andrenetta says she’s relieved to know the cause of her suffering.

“I’m grateful that the City came up with this because I don’t know what shape I’d be in right now if I hadn’t started seeing Dr. Watts,” Andrenetta says. “She took the time to go the extra mile and help me.”

By Mike LaFollette

OurHealth Patient Success: Tom’s story

Maintenance supervisor Thomas Books was at a routine appointment to refill a prescription when Elizabeth Jernagan, a family nurse practitioner at OurHealth @ Haynes Health Care Center, asked how he’d been feeling.

“I told her that I felt like an 80-year-old man trapped in a 60-year-old body,” Books says.

Books’ symptoms included feeling tired and sluggish, and he noticed he was drained of energy by 10 a.m. each day. He mentioned those symptoms to his family doctor, but never felt like the doctor paid much attention to his concerns.

Jernagan clearly thought Books’ symptoms warranted further attention.

“She sent me to have a stress test, which I failed,” Books says. “Then they sent me to Howard Community to have a heart catheterization and the doctor said I was so blocked up that even eight stints wouldn’t open me up.”

Less than a week later, Books underwent quadruple bypass surgery in Indianapolis—a procedure that likely saved his life.

“I’m glad somebody finally listened to me,” Books says. “I like how much time they take with us – they actually have the time. I’m glad Elizabeth listened to me and I’m really happy with the referrals OurHealth gave me. It’s nice they take the time to do that.”

Now in rehab therapy, Books says he’s making solid progress in his recovery

“I feel pretty good,” he says. “I’m short-winded, which is to be expected from having quadruple bypass surgery, but I definitely feel a lot better.”

OurHealth Patient Success: Amy’s Story

Amy Fenn of Indianapolis was in a car accident in 2015 that caused her to have severe nerve pain and migraine-like headaches.

“I’ve been diagnosed with what they call occipital neuralgia,” she says.

The National Institutes of Health describes occipital neuralgia as a “distinct type of headache characterized by piercing, throbbing or electric-shock-like chronic pain in the upper neck, back of the head and behind the ears.”

The pain was unrelenting, and at times so intense it caused Amy to miss work. Sometimes she worked in the dark just to minimize the pain.

“When I get the headaches, you can’t eat, you can’t drink, you feel nauseous and sometimes you get sick,” she says. “I’ve been given every pain medication under the sun. It helps for a little bit and then the pain comes back the same, if not worse.”

Amy’s primary care doctor had recently retired so she scheduled an appointment at MyClinic @ Plainfield, which she could access through her employer benefits with the Indianapolis Airport Authority. That’s when she first met Brooke Curry, a physician’s assistant at OurHealth.

“It’s funny because right before I went in to see her, I had just read an article about how duloxetine—which is a generic for Cymbalta, was being used for nerve pain, which is what I have, and which is what ends up causing my headaches.”

Curry had also read how duloxetine is being used to treat nerve pain, and asked Fenn if she’d be willing to try it out.

“Honestly, I was willing to try anything,” Amy says. “I don’t think anybody has any idea how bad it hurts.”

Amy started taking the medication, and after getting the dosage right, she says her pain diminished significantly.

“It hasn’t completely taken the pain away, but I can say I’ve had better success with this medication over the last few months than I have with any medication,” Fenn says. “It just seems to be working.”

Amy says she’s grateful for the care she received from Brooke and feels it made a substantial difference in improving her quality of life.

“Brooke actually sat down and talked to me,” Amy says. “She wanted to learn about the headaches and what I’d been taking prior to coming to see her. I want to say she spent at least 45 minutes to an hour with me on that first visit. She’s awesome and I can’t thank her enough.”

-by Mike LaFollette