5 Tips for a successful Virtual visit with your Provider

 Video visits are a great way to maintain your health and wellness – all from the comfort of your home or office. OurHealth asked its providers for some tips on how to prepare for a video visit so you and the provider have a great experience! 

  1. Before your scheduled appointment, find a quiet location with good internet connection and lighting. Don’t worry about dressing up or sitting at a desk, do what’s most comfortable for you. “I’ve had virtual appointments with patients in their homes, cars (not driving!), in bed with pajamas on, in the store, at work and a Chik-fil-A drive-thru,” says OurHealth provider Kelly McDonald, MD. 
  2. Tell your provider if you’re struggling to see or hear them. Resolve any technical issues early on to make the most of your appointment time. If a disconnection occurs, your provider will attempt to reconnect or call your phone shortly.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions. Depending on the reason for your visit, you may want some privacy. It may be hard to see certain things through video, so we’lask extra questions to ensure we’re as thorough as possible,” says McDonald.
  4. Enjoy yourself and be patient with the process –  there may be some trial and error as you both work together to get the right angle, lighting and clarity.
  5. As your visit comes to an end, ask your provider anything you would normally ask at the check-out desk. For example, ask for a summary of next steps, review prescription(s) or schedule a follow-up appointment 

5 Tips for a smooth Telephonic Visit

Face it – visiting with your doctor via video or over the phone is just one more example of our “new normal” – at least for a while. The good news is, these telehealth visits can be every bit as productive as in person visits if you plan accordingly. OurHealth asked its providers for some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    1. When scheduling the call, be sure to give the provider the best phone number to reach you at. And at the time of the scheduled call, make sure you’re available. Don’t ignore it because you don’t recognize the phone number – that can take away from the valuable time you have with them.
    2. Before your scheduled call, find a quiet, comfortable location with good cell service. A windy street or noisy kitchen makes for terrible communications. And they’re going to ask you to confirm your identity so you may also want some privacy. “Don’t be shocked if we ask for DOB or some other identifying info,” says OurHealth Chief Medical Officer Terry Layman, MD.
    3. Be descriptive. If it’s a telephonic visit, the provider won’t be able to see you in person. Instead of using vague descriptors like “big, small or over there” – say things like “quarter-size” or “two inches” or “the top of my head.”
    4. Also, because we’re not face to face, expect the provider to interrupt while you’re talking to ask clarifying questions. “Be patient and understanding,” says Dr. Layman. “More than anything we want to be thorough.”
    5. As the visit wraps up, restate the decisions that you made and ask for any necessary follow up to be emailed to you.

10 Tips to Find a Healthy Balance

Now, more than ever, taking care of the mental and physical wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones is critical. We rounded up some tips from our health coaches to help you find a healthy balance.


  1. The information you consume and who you spend your time with will dominate your perspective. Be mindful of how much time you’re spending on social media and watching the news. Pick up a book, get lost in a great show, capture your thoughts in a journal or send a letter to a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  1. Working from home? Schedule a walking meeting or exchange your commute time for a home workout tape or treadmill session. Go outside and take in the fresh air. Even a short, 30-minute walk can do wonders for your headspace. Relocate your workspace to a different room of the house each day.
  1. Schedule virtual lunches or “happy hours” with co-workers. All those great remote working tools aren’t just great for actual meetings – use them to catch up with co-workers and friends throughout the day!
  1. Feeling sad or stressed? Reach out to a friend or family member and ask to talk. You’ll be amazed what a relief you feel just by saying your fears out loud.
  1. Offer to help elderly family members, friends or neighbors.
  1. Cook healthy meals for those who are unable to and drop them off at their doorstep.
  1. Organize a room or area in your living space each day – the lack of clutter or new layout will be a nice adjustment.
  1. Use the calm or headspace app to meditate.
  1. Plant some flower seeds indoors to water and care for the next few weeks and look forward to planting them outside in warmer, brighter days ahead.
  1. Try creating big and small activities in your day that are consistent such as: making your bed every morning, walking your dog daily at the same time and going to bed at the same time each night.

We love those tips, but we’d also love to hear your ideas for how we can be helpful. Tell us here: OHHealthCoach@ourhealth.org


An HR Leader Perspective on Coronavirus

By: Debby Routt, VP of People and Culture at OurHealth

You can’t turn on the TV, listen on the radio, or log into any social media site right now without encountering a story, a predication, or a warning about the coronavirus.  This is concerning to many including those who work in our organizations. So how can HR leaders address the concerns of their staff (and other family members) while meeting the needs of the organization, as well. In other words, how can we lead in an unfamiliar world.

Having spent more than 30 years in an HR leadership position for several companies and now in that role for a national health care organization that is treating patients who may have the coronavirus, six things come to mind:

  1. Be visible, be calm, be present. You are the people leader of the company. While there are undoubtedly many personal and professional demands on your time, make your presence known to your employees through multiple channels.
  2. Be as transparent as possible. We all know the HIPAA regs and the need to protect PHI. But communicate what you can about the situation at your organization.
  3. Don’t forget the people at home. Address the concerns of the spouses who may wonder about their loved one at work and what he/she may bring home…
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for clinical help. From your health plan, the local health system, the state health department – let the experts provide expert advice.
  5. This is an opportunity to show the company cares. We all say that our employees are the most important asset. Let’s show it.
  6. Be flexible and trusting. Consider suspending rules related to work from home, travel, etc. Each business is different, but tailor short term policies that makes sense for your team.

Most importantly, we need to do what we as HR professionals do best:  Listen, provide counsel based on data, maintain confidentiality for our employees, support for our leaders who are uncertain, be empathetic, and ensure colleagues know that their health matters.

OurHealth Response to COVID-19

OurHealth is reacting to COVID-19 in real-time to be a steward of the public health response and to provide ongoing support to our clients and patients. We believe the number of documented COVID-19 cases is substantially underreported, and we expect large regional variation in the impact so our response will be dynamic.


**Last Updated March 17 at 5pm**


PLEASE JOIN US FOR A COVID-19 WEBINAR MARCH 18 FROM 9:30 – 10:30AM EST to hear the latest on how OurHealth is responding and providing guidance to our clients. Register Now

OurHealth FAQ:

Is OurHealth testing for COVID-19?

No. There are limited test kits available and the State Health Department determines which sites will receive testing supplies. OurHealth stands at the ready to become a testing site, but at this time we have not been asked by the local health department to do so.


Is OurHealth cancelling non-essential clinic visits?

Our top priority is to limit in-person clinic visits to only those that critically require them, so as not to unnecessarily expose any patient or clinic staff member to COVID-19. We currently define critical visits as those patients who are experiencing non-COVID related respiratory issues, belly pain or an orthopedic injury. All other appointments will be offered a virtual visit and/or be rescheduled for June 1 or later.


Has OurHealth closed a clinic in response to COVID-19?

No. All OurHealth clinics remain open and our bias is to keep them open. In the event that an onsite clinic should be closed due to an employer closure, we will offer virtual care to the impacted employees and deploy those clinical resources to other parts of our network.


Is OurHealth treating suspected COVID-19 cases in their clinics?

No. We encourage every patient who believes they may have COVID-19 symptoms to call us before coming into our clinic. If the phone triage turns up a suspected case, we will contact the local health department for advice on next steps. If a patient does show up in our clinic with symptoms, the clinic staff and patient would be outfitted in protective gear (N95 masks, gowns, gloves and face shields) and the patient would be immediately moved to a closed off area for evaluation. If the evaluation suggest a potential COVID-19 case, the clinic staff would contact the local health department for advice on where to send the patient.


How is OurHealth supporting clients during this time?

Our response is dynamic, but here’s what we’e doing right now:

  • Weekly webinars for our clients and benefit consultant partners to update them on our response protocols and answer their questions
  • Weekly emails with updated FAQs and advice for employers as they navigate this situation with their employees
  • Weekly patient emails with reminders for how we can support them, including virtual visits and wellness tips to navigate the stress and uncertainty
  • Partnering with clients to author or update their pandemic response plans and to serve as a resource for those strategy sessions
  • OurHealth has instituted COVID-19 surveillance for every clinic, which leverages our EMR and case management system to quantify the suspected cases. This information is reviewed on an hourly basis and we can re-deploy staff or protective gear accordingly to ensure adequate coverage.


What is OurHealth doing as an employer to limit the spread of COVID-19?

As of Monday, March 16, all corporate employees transitioned to work from home (WFH), including a fully virtualized call center. All non-essential business travel has been halted for at least four weeks. All corporate events have been cancelled. We currently operate in six states and are actively monitoring local guidance to maintain our compliance as the landscape changes.

Communications Library

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9 Ways to Manage Stress

Check out the CDC’s FAQ on COVID-19 here


Marathon Health and OurHealth Announce Strategic Combination

Combination to create strengthened primary care platform and accelerate development of enhanced population health capabilities to better serve patients, their families, and their employers

Winooski, VT and Indianapolis, IN – January 15, 2020 – Marathon Health and OurHealth, each a leading provider of onsite and nearsite health centers for employers, today announced a strategic combination of the two companies that brings together patient-focused primary care capabilities to serve employees and their families across the United States. The combined company will leverage the proven onsite and nearsite health center strategies of Marathon Health and OurHealth, including OurHealth’s MyClinics, a network of clinics available in several markets today, to serve employer populations of all sizes. General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm and existing investor in Marathon Health, will be the majority shareholder of the combined organization.

The combined company will be led by the existing senior leadership of both Marathon Health and OurHealth, including Jerry Ford, CEO of Marathon Health, who will serve as CEO of the combined organization. Ben Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of OurHealth, will assume the role of Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, while Jeff Wells, MD, Co-Founder and President of OurHealth, will serve as President.  Mr. Evans and Dr. Wells will be significant individual shareholders in the combined company and both will join the Board of Directors alongside Mr. Ford.

Marathon Health + OurHealth

Mr. Ford said, “The combination of Marathon Health and OurHealth is a landmark moment in the lifespan of both companies. Marathon and OurHeath share a strong vision for the future of healthcare, and the strategic merger of our companies will enable us to provide better care to more people across the country, improving outcomes for patients and employers alike. I look forward to working with Ben and Jeff to strengthen our combined capabilities and continue to change the face of employer-sponsored, value-based care.”

With increased scale, the combined company plans to accelerate investment in building stronger and broader technology-enabled clinical and population health capabilities that will ultimately deliver better care and a better patient experience, while driving cost out of the system for patients and employers.

“Marathon Health and OurHealth are a natural fit with one another,” continued Mr. Evans. “As we integrate our operations, we intend to leverage best practices from both organizations to not only improve access to high-quality primary care for our existing clients, but also to accelerate our MyClinic expansion into new geographies. We’re excited by the opportunity that lies ahead.”

Robbert Vorhoff, Managing Director and Global Head of Healthcare at General Atlantic, added, “We continue to believe that the onsite and nearsite primary care strategy deployed by Marathon and OurHealth is a necessary element to achieving the ‘Triple Aim’ of healthcare for the employer population – a superior patient experience, higher-quality outcomes, and lower costs. We are proud to be in partnership with this newly-combined organization, led by a talented leadership team dedicated to exceeding client and patient expectations.”

General Atlantic initially invested in Marathon Health in October 2019. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


About Marathon Health

Marathon Health offers a proven solution for helping employers and unions reduce the total cost of healthcare. The Marathon Health approach integrates the best practices of onsite primary care, health assessment with risk identification, coaching and advocacy, and disease management for high cost chronic conditions. Founded by Richard E. Tarrant in 2005, Marathon Health supports its care model with digital medical content, interactive diet and fitness tools, a personal health record, and a proprietary electronic medical record to manage care. For more information, please visit www.marathon-health.com.


About OurHealth

Founded in 2009, OurHealth provides employer-sponsored healthcare to organizations of all sizes via its onsite and nearsite primary care clinics. OurHealth offers a comprehensive healthcare approach to its clients and their employees, which includes primary care services, wellness services, onsite laboratory and medication dispensing services, and referral guidance. OurHealth operates clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To learn more about OurHealth, visit www.ourhealth.org.


About General Atlantic

General Atlantic is a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies. Established in 1980, General Atlantic combines a collaborative global approach, sector specific expertise, a long-term investment horizon and a deep understanding of growth drivers to partner with great entrepreneurs and management teams to build exceptional businesses worldwide. General Atlantic has more than 150 investment professionals based in New York, Amsterdam, Beijing, Greenwich, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Munich, Palo Alto, São Paulo, Shanghai, and Singapore. For more information on General Atlantic, please visit the website: www.generalatlantic.com.


Media Contacts

Tracey Moran

Marathon Health


Shelly Towns



Mary Armstrong & Emily Japlon

General Atlantic


Air Transport Services Group Partners With OurHealth, Reopens Its Onsite Primary Care Clinic For Employees

The aircraft leasing and transportation services provider is the latest company to offer onsite and near-site primary care services to employees

CINCINNATI (January 2, 2020) – Through a partnership with Indianapolis-based OurHealth, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) has reopened an onsite primary care clinic at their Wilmington Air Park facility. Nearly 1,000 employees and their family members will have access to the renovated health center as well as four other locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

Named OurHealth @ Wilmington Air Park, the onsite clinic begins operations today and will provide comprehensive primary and immediate care medical services to covered ATSG employees and their families.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing this important benefit back,” said Joe Hete, Chief Executive Officer at ATSG. “We’ve experienced first-hand the impact that accessible, convenient and high-quality care has on people’s wellbeing and overall quality of life. We believe that taking care of our employees is the right thing to do and lowers their out of pocket healthcare cost—so it’s a win-win all around.”

OurHealth @ Wilmington Air Park

Joe Hete, ATSG Chief Executive Officer cuts the ribbon to signify the grand opening of OurHealth @ Wilmington Air Park, an onsite primary care clinic for covered ATSG employees and their families.

OurHealth entered the Cincinnati market in early 2019 with the launch of its industry-leading system of near-site primary care clinics, called the MyClinic network, which includes locations in Springdale, Kings Mills, Green Township and at Fourth and Main Streets in downtown Cincinnati. In addition to their onsite clinic at Wilmington Air Park, covered ATSG employees and their families will have access to all four Cincinnati MyClinic locations.

ATSG is the latest addition to OurHealth’s growing presence in Southwest Ohio. Last month OurHealth announced a partnership with Delhi Township, Ohio. Other Cincinnati area clients include First Financial Bank, Rumpke and Hamilton County, Ohio.

“We’re excited to be partnering with ATSG to provide care for their employees and their families,” said Ben Evans, OurHealth Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. “We’re confident they’ll love the experience, and we can’t wait to build relationships that will have a lasting impact on their health, and of course their bottom line.”

Employers are attracted to OurHealth’s model for three key reasons — improved access to care for their employees and their dependents, independence from any hospital system or network allowing for unbiased referrals and robust reporting capabilities that allow business owners to easily understand their return on investment.

OurHealth clients enjoy an average savings of 17 percent on health plan costs through better management of chronic conditions, ER avoidance and reduced lab and drug costs. The company is on a mission to save employers $1 billion in healthcare costs, and to date has saved its clients more than $180 million. In 2019 alone OurHealth produced a total of $39 million in employer savings.

The company takes a patient-focused approach to care, including waiting room times of less than five minutes, appointments that average 20 to 40 minutes and a patient satisfaction score of 98 percent. OurHealth clients include a wide range of employers of all sizes and industries, including Anthem, Harris Teeter, CNO Financial Group and the Indianapolis Airport Authority.


About OurHealth
Founded in 2009, OurHealth provides employer-sponsored healthcare to organizations of all sizes via its onsite and near-site primary care clinics. OurHealth offers a comprehensive healthcare approach to its clients and their employees, which includes primary care services, wellness services, onsite laboratory and medication dispensing services and referral guidance. OurHealth operates clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To learn more about OurHealth, visit www.ourhealth.org.


About Air Transport Services Group, Inc.
ATSG is a leading provider of aircraft leasing and air cargo transportation and related services to domestic and foreign air carriers and other companies that outsource their air cargo lift requirements. ATSG, through its leasing and airline subsidiaries, is the world’s largest owner and operator of converted Boeing 767 freighter aircraft. Through its principal subsidiaries, including three airlines with separate and distinct U.S. FAA Part 121 Air Carrier certificates, ATSG provides aircraft leasing, air cargo lift, passenger ACMI and charter services, aircraft maintenance services and airport ground services. ATSG’s subsidiaries include Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc.; Airborne Global Solutions, Inc.; ABX Air, Inc.; Air Transport International, Inc.; Omni Air International, LLC; Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, Inc., including its subsidiary, Pemco World Air Services, Inc.; and LGSTX Services, Inc.

OurHealth Opens New Location at Green Township, Adds Delhi Township to Its Growing Roster of Clients

Near-site primary care clinics provide convenient, affordable healthcare to members via their employer-sponsored health plans

CINCINNATI (December 11, 2019) – OurHealth, the industry-leading near-site healthcare clinic network for employers, today announces the opening of its fourth Cincinnati location in Green Township as well as a new partnership with Delhi Township, Ohio.

The healthcare provider will offer a full suite of primary care services for Delhi Township’s nearly 100 plan-eligible employees and their covered spouses and dependents, including wellness screens, physicals, sick care and health coaching.

OurHealth entered the Cincinnati market in early 2019 with the launch of its Cincinnati MyClinic network, which includes locations at Springdale Town Center, The Shoppes at Kings Mills, and downtown Cincinnati at Fourth and Main Streets. The fourth location – MyClinic @ Green Township – is now open on the westside of Cincinnati.

OurHealth MyClinic @ Green Township

In addition to its expanding network of clinic locations, OurHealth is growing its roster of Cincinnati-based clients with the addition of Delhi Township. OurHealth already has several established partnerships with local employers, including First Financial Bank, Rumpke and Hamilton County, Ohio.

“The MyClinic model made the most sense for our employees. Now with a west side location to complement their multiple clinic locations around Cincinnati, our people have the option to choose what’s most convenient for them,” said Melanie K. Hermes, Delhi Township HR Director.  “We believe that removing the barriers to healthcare will truly create healthier outcomes.”

The MyClinic network significantly lowers the barrier to entry by allowing employers to gain immediate access to a network of primary care clinics that are conveniently located within a 10-minute drive of the employee’s home or office.

Employers are attracted to OurHealth’s model for three key reasons — improved access to care for their employees and their dependents, independence from any hospital system or network allowing for unbiased, cost-effective referrals and robust reporting capabilities so business owners can easily understand their return on investment.

OurHealth clients enjoy an average savings of 17 percent on health plan costs through better management of chronic conditions, ER avoidance and reduced lab and drug costs.

“We’re excited to welcome Delhi Township to the Cincinnati MyClinic network,” said Ben Evans, OurHealth CEO and Co-founder. “We’re confident they’ll love the experience, and we can’t wait to make an immediate impact on their employees’ health, and of course their bottom line.”

OurHealth is on a mission to save employers $1 billion in healthcare costs, and to date has saved its clients more than $180 million. The company takes a patient-focused approach to care, including same and next-day appointments, waiting room times of less than five minutes, appointments that average 20 to 40 minutes and a patient satisfaction score of 98 percent.

In 2018, OurHealth patients lost a combined 40,000 pounds and 32,000 points of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. OurHealth clients include a wide range of employers of all sizes and industries, including Anthem, Harris Teeter, CNO Financial Group and the Indianapolis Airport Authority.


About OurHealth

Founded in 2009, OurHealth provides employer-sponsored healthcare to organizations of all sizes via its onsite and near-site primary care clinics. OurHealth offers a comprehensive healthcare approach to its clients and their employees, which includes primary care services, wellness services, onsite laboratory and medication dispensing services and referral guidance. OurHealth operates clinics in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To learn more about OurHealth, visit www.ourhealth.org.

8 Years at OurHealth: Jess’ Journey from Employee No. 5 to Today!

When Jess Alexander joined OurHealth in 2011, she was employee number five at HQ and her job description was admittedly loose. “I pitched in wherever it was needed,” says Alexander. “I answered the phones, helped build client reports, tested the clinic host role, entered lab results into the portal…it was crazy, but it was also a lot of fun!”

The fast-paced healthcare start-up definitely wasn’t part of Jess’ career plan. After moving to Shelbyville, Ind. from Dallas at 13 – she wore overalls on the first day of 8th grade and recalls “it was a disaster” – she finished up high school and sought out a small, but not too small college, and found her home at Butler University where she earned a degree in Finance.

While at Butler, Jess got a part-time job at the campus rec center and discovered a passion for health and fitness. “I taught cycling and water aerobics, doubled as the book keeper and I just loved it,” she says. “My mentor encouraged me to stay with the field so after graduation I went to the University of Kentucky and earned a master’s degree in Kinesiology. My first job offer was for a campus rec position in South Carolina for $26,000, and I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to move across the country for a job that was never going to pay that well and would also require a ton of travel.”

So, she moved home, did some soul searching and began networking through her job as a server at the Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis. That effort led to an introduction to Ben and Jeff who explained they “needed some help” at their new business and she signed on.

After a full year in “crazy” mode, Jess transitioned onto the Finance team to help Dave Ritzler, who back then was managing HR, IT and Finance. Jess was excited to put her Finance degree to use and to formalize her role in the fast-growing company. That opportunity spanned a seven-year tenure managing payroll and while that was a big job, the most rewarding aspect was the relationship she forged with Dave. “He’s been an incredible mentor to me. We’ve experienced so many personal milestones together, and I couldn’t have asked for a better manager.”

Jessica Alexander, OurHealth

Jess is grateful for the flexible work culture at OurHealth because it gives her more quality time with husband Ryan and sons Connor and Austin.

Amidst all the career growth, Jess also got married to Ryan, a fireman with the Fishers Fire Department, and had two sons, Connor and Austin. “The transition to motherhood when I had Connor was difficult. I probably had post-partum, but nobody told me that. I knew I wanted to work outside the home, but I also didn’t want to leave my son. I’m grateful for the flexibility I have at OurHealth, and now that we’ve had our second son, we’re in a much better place.”

And it was the strength of her relationship with Dave that prompted her to have some honest career conversations over the past few months. The company has more than quadrupled in size since she joined the Finance team, and she saw some other opportunities at OurHealth that interested her. “We had some really honest conversations, and I admitted that advancement within Finance was no longer my goal. I’d picked up a few new responsibilities during some recent HR team changes and found I really liked those. Dave was very supportive and we both wanted me to be in a position where I could grow personally and help grow the business.”

In the coming weeks, Jess will formally transfer to the HR team as a direct report to VP Debby Routt. She’ll retain responsibility for payroll and 401k administration, and pick up compensation analysis – an interest she recently discovered. “Comp analysis isn’t just about how much people are paid. It’s about their total compensation, which includes health benefits, salary, professional growth opportunities, PTO and more. We need to figure out a way to increase internal mobility,” she says. “That’s been my experience here, and I’m excited to work with Debby and the HR team to make that a more popular path for everyone at OurHealth.”

Reflecting on her journey, Jess has some advice for others: build a relationship with your manager; bring your personal goals and experience into the conversation and be willing to do the work.

“I never thought about it as ‘answering the phone’ – I was helping to build a business. It’s been a roller coaster ride, and there are days when it’s been really hard. High-growth businesses are volatile, but we’re helping people and changing healthcare and that’s what has always kept me here. This business is the perfect intersection of my two passions, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have had a front-row seat for the last 8 years.”

Q&A with Debby Routt, Interim VP of People & Culture

Debby Routt joined OurHealth as the interim VP of People & Culture on August 19. She brings more than thirty years of HR leadership and a passion for people and their development. Read on to hear more about her decision to join the company and how she’d spend her perfect day. 

OurHealth (OH): Tell me about your decision to join OurHealth 

Debby Routt (DR): I’ve been a fan of OurHealth since the very beginning, having made the decision to add the clinic benefit for our associates at OneAmerica which made us the second customer after Interactive Intelligence (now Genesys). Through that partnership, I developed a strong relationship with Ben, Jeff and many of the team members. They were instrumental in helping OneAmerica overcome a number of challenges with increasing premiums and a dated work environment. I’ve so enjoyed my interactions with everyone on the team and when Shelly and I began talking about the leadership opportunity, I was intrigued. I left OneAmerica in March and five months into my “retirement,” I realized I missed the excitement of being part of a team and building something. When Shelly offered me the opportunity, I knew I wanted to come on board, and we agreed to structure it as a six-month contract so we could both be sure it was a good fit. Two weeks in, and I’ve been super impressed. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here. When I made the OurHealth decision at OneAmerica in 2011, my benefit consultant told me that out of the three pitches, one would be totally different. As soon as Ben and Jeff started talking, I knew he was referring to OurHealth. What you do is special and has the potential to make a huge and meaningful impact, not only on an employer’s health plan spend, but on people’s lives. I’ve seen it personally, and I’m thrilled to be on the inside to help grow the business. This is an exciting time for OurHealth, and I feel lucky to be here. 

OH: Tell us about your family 

DR: My husband Terry and I celebrated 44 years of marriage last Thursday! We met in Cincinnati when both of us worked at the local Burger Chef. We have a daughter, Amy, who works for the NCAA, and our son Stefan is a Psychiatrist that lives in Atlanta with his wife Emily and our only grandchild – an 18-month-old girl named Sawyer James. Let me tell you more about her name…Stefan played competitive basketball, and he and Lebron James are the same age. He never played directly against him, but he’s a big fan. So big that he gave Sawyer the middle name James in his honor. We also have two grand-dogs – Cosmo and Raisin. Terry is retired from his accounting career and when we’re not traveling, he spends his time defending his record as the Indiana state ping pong champion for his age ranking and group (we even have an Olympic regulation ping pong table that he purchased from Germany!). 

OH: What do you like to do in your free time? 

DR: Terry and I are travel addicts. Terry’s early career took us to Germany where we lived for nearly six years. Stefan was actually born there, which is why he has a German name. Most of our trips take us through Atlanta to see Sawyer these days. Hawaii is our happy place and we visit every year in the winter. The most interesting place we’ve been recently is Cuba. Alaska, Portugal and the Panama Canal are all on our list to visit that we haven’t been to yet. 

OH: Describe your perfect day 

DR: If I’m not traveling – working out, breakfast at Rosie’s café or Café Patachou, reading a good book and fixing a nice dinner with no stress. If I’m traveling, a perfect day would be on a beach at sunset with a margarita in one hand and a book in the other. 

OH: Do you have a motto or quote that defines your leadership style? 

DR: From an HR standpoint, if it’s not illegal, immoral or unethical we can at least talk about it. Other than that, human resources is not rocket science. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously and do the right thing. 

OH: How’d you get into HR? What do you love about it? 

DR: I landed in HR accidentally. I’d just graduated from college and had been offered a fabulous role at Levi Strauss & Co., but turned it down for the opportunity to move to Germany with Terry. I got a job with Boston University’s overseas program and after a few months, the head of HR announced she was returning to the US. I walked down the hall to the VP of the University and explained why I was the right person for the job even though I’d never done it before. He hired me on the spot, and I started the following Monday. I spent five years in the role and traveled all over Europe. I loved it! When we move back to the States, I became an underwriter for five years (which I wasn’t nearly as passionate about), found my way back into HR at Allstate and never looked back. I love working with people, and I love being able to impact the culture of an organization. Culture is the most important thing. I can do HR for any company, but I choose to do it for organizations that have the best culture and where I can have the greatest impact. 

OH: You’ve been here two weeks – what are your first impressions? 

DR: Everyone I’ve met has been great. I love the interactions and camaraderie I’ve seen among the leadership team – it’s refreshing. I haven’t had a lot of interactions with them yet, but I’m intrigued. I love the enthusiasm of the HR team and their desire to do what’s in the best interest of the organization. It’s an interesting transition going from the buyer of OurHealth to a leader on the inside. It’s great to see all the things I thought to be true about the business be reinforced internally. I also love that the office is downtown – love the vibe! 

OH: 70% of OurHealth employees work in our clinics – how do you personally plan to engage with the field? What should the field expect from the HR team under your leadership? 

DR: I want to build strong relationships with our team members in the field, and I’m planning a lot of clinic visits in October. I want to understand their day-to-day, what’s going well? Where can we improve? Do they feel communicated to? Engaged? I’ve worked closely with the Tower clinic team over the last 8 years through our partnership at OneAmerica, but I know that each clinic and each clinic team is unique. I’m anxious to see the different locations up close. As an organization we should be much more focused on the field than headquarters. I love that there’s a desire here to flip that focus, and I’m excited to think about how we can achieve that.  

OH: What will you be focused on over the next 6 months? 

DR: Right away we’re going to dig into the HR basics – audit of all the things we do to make sure we have all of our risks identified and processes documented. We’re a small and lean team, and we need to make sure we can keep up with our growth. I also want to look at compensation programs, how we hire people, performance review systems, career development, leadership training and development…We want to provide all of our team members with a career path. Above that, I want to get to know people and learn what’s top of mind for them. I want to help build and reinforce a culture that we can all be proud of. 

OH: Anything you want to add? 

DR: Thank you to everyone for being so open and helpful during my first couple weeks! It’s hard being new, but I’ve loved our time together so far.