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3 Reasons Why Employers Choose Onsite and Near-Site Clinics

As healthcare costs steadily rise in America, employers must find new and improved ways to deliver exceptional care to employees without increasing spend. While the average employer pays more than $10,000 per employee per year towards benefits, a steady increase in chronic illnesses coupled with decreased access to care is sending this number even higher.

This increased ‘risk’ has led to a resurgence of corporate wellness initiatives to proactively impact employer spend, employee health, and overall productivity on both sides. One of the most popular options available to employers is the onsite or near-site clinic.

Here are three reasons employers of all sizes are choosing onsite and near-site clinics to help combat rising care costs:

1. Return on Financial Investment

Employee healthcare is one of the largest expenses an employer will face (outside of payroll) and increasing access to primary care services can help drastically reduce this expenditure. Some of the most costly healthcare interactions (emergency rooms, pharmacies, out-of-network referrals, etc.) can be completely eliminated all together when employees have easy access to an on-hand physician.


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Employers with self-funded healthcare plans may also find themselves responsible for high-cost services outside of the doctor’s office, like diagnostic tests and prescription refills for chronic illnesses. Utilizing an onsite or near-site clinic means working with an established network of laboratories, physicians, and pharmacies that provide quality care for less, further reducing employer-incurred costs. Employees with chronic conditions also have access to faster, more frequent care, which can help lessen the severity of these issues and reduce costly care over time.

2. Return on Talent

Building a strong culture of wellness in an organization can help employers retain current talent while attracting new employees. When an organization makes a large-scale investment in an initiative like an onsite or near-site clinic, it is sending a message to current and prospective employees that it places a strong value on the health, wellness, and overall job satisfaction. Choosing an onsite or near-site clinic also reaffirms an employer’s dedication to a healthy work/life balance, which is a top selling point for HR teams and hiring managers to promote.

Onsite and near-site clinics are a huge draw for today’s workforce and are frequently cited as a top benefit employers can provide to their teams. Investing in this type of wellness strategy also serves to increase productivity and time management with employees. It can take up to a half day for an employee to leave work, travel to an appointment, and return to the office. With an onsite or near-site clinic, employees can quickly walk or drive to their appointment, have ample time to speak with the provider and or wellness coach, and still have time left in the day to focus on priorities.

3. Return on Well-Being

It should come as no surprise to employers that happy, healthy employees are overall more satisfied with their work environment than unhealthy employees. Investing in an onsite or near-site clinic shows that an organization cares about the mental and physical well-being of their employees. It can give employees the peace of mind that someone (their employer) is in their corner when it comes to large-scale, long-term wellness strategy.

For employees with chronic conditions such as heart disease, cholesterol, and diabetes, having an onsite or near-site clinic initiative sends a clear message that an employer understands and is an active partner in preventative care. Investing in these types of wellness initiatives reinforces a company culture as one that places significant value on personal health and well-being. Having an employer that is committed to health and wellness can also encourage more employees to refocus their lifestyles.

An onsite or near-site clinic can lead to more employees receiving regular checkups, screenings, and tests over time. Additionally, employees can also receive health coaching, psychological guidance, or family health tips at these clinics.  

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