Opinion: Employers are Key to Improving Healthcare

by Christina Matoski, Nurse Practitioner at OurHealth It’s no longer news that American healthcare is broken. In the U.S., we spend more than $3 trillion a year on healthcare—more than any other developed nation—yet we are in overall poorer health than similarly developed countries. But dealing with healthcare’s myriad issues isn’t the only challenge facing […]

Focus on Family Helps Detective Solve Health Problems

Detective Will Vasquez assumed his first OurHealth appointment would be routine. His primary care provider had recently left practice and he needed to refill a prescription for hypertension, so he scheduled a medication consultation at MyClinic @ PNC in Indianapolis. But during that initial visit, Vasquez, a 16-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, […]

How to Get Buy-In from the C-Suite for Onsite Healthcare

By Kisha Alexander, PhD, MPH As healthcare costs increase and patient care becomes more specialized, HR managers and corporate wellness teams are seeking more ways to directly impact employee healthcare costs. According to the Milliman Index, the average organization’s healthcare costs increase by 4.3% every year. Because of this, many organization are turning to proactive […]

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3 Reasons Why Employers Choose Onsite and Near-Site Clinics

As healthcare costs steadily rise in America, employers must find new and improved ways to deliver exceptional care to employees without increasing spend. While the average employer pays more than $10,000 per employee per year towards benefits, a steady increase in chronic illnesses coupled with decreased access to care is sending this number even higher. […]

OurHealth Adds City of Fishers, 7th Clinic to its Unique Network of Care

City becomes the latest municipality to partner with the fast-growing healthcare company. INDIANAPOLIS (January 29, 2018) – OurHealth today announces a new partnership with the City of Fishers that will provide its more than 450 employees with high-quality and convenient primary care, along with a series of wellness programs. The partnership also introduces a seventh […]

What is Near-Site Healthcare?

Healthcare is a topic at the forefront of many conversations these days, but it may surprise you that employers—not politicians—are increasingly the vanguard to effectively changing the healthcare landscape. How are they affecting this change? By creating cost-effective yet meaningful healthcare offerings for their employees.   Unfortunately, many large-impact solutions require significant resources and an […]

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5 Ways Onsite and Near-Site Clinics Can Deliver Savings

When it comes to healthcare initiatives, employers often look for low-cost, immediate-impact options that are supposed to deliver ‘big bang’ results without the high price tags. Too often, however, these low-cost initiatives disappoint by delivering low-quality outcomes, resulting in a continuous cycle of new program additions, higher costs, and rigid guidelines that employers and employees […]

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Lifestyle Changes Help Patient Take Control of Diabetes

Sue Booth says she noticed some health changes in the Spring of 2017. She felt tired all the time, she was constantly thirsty, and was using the restroom frequently. By June, Booth says her health became much worse. “It got so bad I was having difficulty seeing clearly and I began having blackouts,” Booth says. […]

Available Now: Guide to Onsite and Near-site Healthcare

In this comprehensive guide for executives and HR and benefits leaders, you’ll get real-world information and practical strategies for delivering employer-sponsored healthcare. You’ll learn about onsite and near-site clinic solutions and how they can help reduce healthcare costs, create greater well-being for employees, and drive improved outcomes for employees’ health.

Opinion: Doctors, Think Twice About Using This Term

by Kevin Wineinger MD Stop saying ‘morbid obesity.’ Stop coding it, remove it from your problem lists, and if you hear someone describe a patient using the phrase, politely correct them. What’s wrong with saying a patient is morbidly obese, you ask? For starters, it is an outdated adjective for patients who have a BMI […]

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Indianapolis Airport Authority Selects OurHealth for Near-site Clinic Solution

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2018) – OurHealth, Indiana’s leading provider of employer-sponsored primary care clinics, today announces a new partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA), which owns and operates Indiana’s largest airport system in the metropolitan area, including the award-winning Indianapolis International Airport. The partnership grants IAA employees and their dependents convenient access to six […]

3 ways to increase your healthcare ROI

3 Ways to Increase ROI on Healthcare Spending

When it comes to increasing ROI, healthcare initiatives likely aren’t the first things that come to mind. Outside of payroll, healthcare costs are traditionally one of the largest operating expenses for a company. And in a volatile healthcare landscape, enterprise insurance rates and premiums can fluctuate wildly, leaving unprepared organizations with huge bills.

Measuring Onsite Clinic Value: 5 Questions to Answer

As employee healthcare trends rapidly change (think rising insurance costs or aging employees), employers have turned to newer trends to help deliver premium healthcare experiences without premium costs. One of these trends — onsite clinics — is providing both employers and employees real advantages.  Employers are drawn to the potential cost-saving results of onsite clinics […]

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4 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Onsite Healthcare

BY BEN EVANS, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, OURHEALTH Scheduling a doctor’s appointment is hard. Leave work early. Come in late. Work through lunch. Finally get there only to have to fill out a mountain of paperwork and wait 30 minutes for a 5-minute appointment. And that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that […]

ROI vs. VOI: What’s the Best Measure for a Healthcare Investment?

BY STEPHEN FEIDER, CONTROLLER, OURHEALTH As healthcare goes through a series of abrupt changes, many employers are now looking for ways to deliver premium healthcare experiences directly to employees without increasing costs. By 2025, experts expect that nearly $1.6 trillion of U.S. healthcare spending will be wasted dollars, with a majority of that waste being […]