It's simple, really.

Today’s expensive and complex healthcare system leaves employers with increasingly fewer options. So at OurHealth, we created a new one. A simpler way, focused on what truly matters.

Hassle-free healthcare.

For employees who struggle with getting to the doctor but know they need to, we’re bringing primary care closer to where they live and work with near-site and onsite clinics.


OurHealth co-founders Jeff Wells, M.D. (left), and Ben Evans (right).

OurHealth co-founders Ben Evans and Jeff Wells, M.D., created OurHealth to radically simplify healthcare for patients and employers. Our approach is centered on creating healthier and happier people—and making care more affordable. Today, we offer the nation’s largest network of near-site clinics, designed to make employer-sponsored healthcare accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We are a proudly independent healthcare provider with no ownership ties or affiliation with any hospital, insurance company or other established care network. This gives us the right kind of flexibility to find the right solutions for our patients and our clients.

Our dedicated team delivers results and raises the bar for a superior consumer healthcare experience, giving your people the care they need, the way they want to use it, from a healthcare team that knows them. And we believe that by focusing on what matters—the patient—we’re driving maximum results. Because the more people use our clinics and love the experience, the better the health and financial outcomes are for everyone. That’s our idea of a simply better experience, for patients and employers alike.

See how we do it.

By the Numbers

$160 million

healthcare dollars saved since 2009

5 minutes

or less average wait time


average patient satisfaction score


independent referrals each year


It’s simple, really: We’re more than just a network of convenient clinics. We’re people who, like you, want to make healthcare better. Convenient. Friendly. Effective. And above all, human.

Simply better

With OurHealth, healthcare providers can focus on patients, instead of paperwork. Employees can find a path to better outcomes for their health—and their wallets. And you can be sure you’re investing in a wellness strategy that actually works. That’s our idea of simply better.

Convenience where it counts

True convenience is about more than being where you need it; it’s about being precisely what you need. For employees, that means a MyClinic location convenient to everywhere they—and their families—live and work. And for employers, it means the flexibility to choose the right mix of virtual, near-site and onsite care—a solution tailored to your business needs.

Independence that pays

We’re a proudly independent provider of high-quality care. But we also work well with others to ensure nothing gets in the way of connecting people to care that works, at the best possible value. That means your employees pay less for things like prescriptions and lab work, and they get unbiased recommendations for specialty care through our independent referral network.

Care that knows you

Like you, our healthcare teams believe the more we know about your people, your company and your health plan, the more we can do. With data and analytics that give us a big-picture view of your entire population, we identify and take action on larger trends that need to be addressed. It’s that simple.

Data that adds up

We believe data can help us tell a simple story. Based in clinical and claims data, our reporting, analytics and risk modeling dashboards create actionable insights that help you improve your real-time ROI every step of the way.


Ben Evans

Ben Evans

CEO & Co-founder

"We help patients navigate healthcare with independent, unbiased primary care physicians."

Jeff Wells, M.D.

Jeff Wells, M.D.

President & Co-founder

"We’ve been very intentional about creating a model that allows physicians and providers more time with patients."

Shelly Towns

Shelly Towns

Chief Administrative Officer

"Our clinic benefit drives meaningful savings for employers and their employees. Spoiler alert: You don’t have to be a big employer to take advantage."

Chad Ashcraft

Chad Ashcraft

Chief Revenue Officer

"Sometimes the greatest distance is between how it ‘is’ and what it ‘should be.’ We are motivated every day to close that gap in healthcare for our members."

Sherry Slick

Sherry Slick

Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer

"The insights made possible by our technology enable us to deliver better care and drive stronger outcomes."

Terry Layman, M.D.

Terry Layman, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

"We’re passionately striving to provide the high quality healthcare you deserve."

Dave Ritzler

Dave Ritzler

EVP, Finance

"We answer the challenge of rising healthcare costs with a 100-percent focus on the well-being of our patients."

Katie Vicars

Katie Vicars

EVP, Client Success

"Engaged patients are healthier and save their employers more money."

Ready to radically simplify your healthcare?