New MyClinic Locations Opening in Cincinnati in Early 2019

Allow us to introduce ourselves

We’re OurHealth and starting soon, we’ll be bringing a radically simple approach to healthcare for providers and patients in Cincinnati.

We practice healthcare differently

We firmly believe that healthier patient-provider relationships lead to healthier outcomes. That’s why OurHealth provider appointments are booked at no less than 20 to 40 minutes and a goal of no more than two visits per hour. This gives our physicians and providers the independence, time and space to actually visit with their patients.

Because we’re wholly independent from hospital systems, practice networks, or other care groups, our model allows doctors and providers to truly focus on patients, not paperwork. And because OurHealth’s primary care services are an employer-sponsored benefit, patients have unlimited access to no cost or low-cost health care, creating the opportunity for a truly lasting impact that improves health and well-being.