Practice healthcare differently.

If you want the freedom to practice with more time for patients and less paperwork, OurHealth eliminates everything that comes between providers and patients.
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Coming to Cincinnati in early 2019.

We're bringing a network of brand-new clinic locations to Cincinnati in early 2019 - and looking for talented physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical staff to join our team.


We’re OurHealth and since 2009, we’ve helped employers, providers and patients experience a simpler, more effective kind of healthcare. We help patients find improved wellness and health outcomes. We create added value and cost-effective savings for employers. And we establish settings where healthcare providers can lead with independence. It’s a model that’s been proven across the country, including Indianapolis and Charlotte.

Starting in 2019, we’re bringing this new approach to healthcare to Cincinnati. We’re expanding our already successful network of MyClinic locations with new primary care clinics, and we’re looking for experienced healthcare professionals to join us and help fulfill our mission to radically simplify healthcare.

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OurHealth President and Co-founder Jeff Wells, M.D., shares details about MyClinic expansion plans coming soon in Cincinnati.

MyClinics are conveniently located near popular shopping centers and focus on creating an outstanding patient experience.

The MyClinic Difference

How do we accomplish our mission of making healthcare more accessible to patients and more affordable for employers?
The MyClinic network of near-site clinics.

Traditionally, employer-sponsored primary care clinics focused on onsite or worksite-only locations – making healthcare convenient for employees, but not spouses and dependents. Onsite clinics are also typically expensive, placing them out of reach for small and medium-sized employers.

The MyClinic near-site network solves these problems by establishing an independent network of clinics located in convenient locations where employees and their families live and work – with costs shared by multiple employers of all sizes.


More time for patients

With provider appointments no shorter than 20 and 40 minutes, OurHealth physicians and nurse practitioners get to know their patients and develop relationships that create better outcomes.

Primary care with a purpose

Our goal is to increase access to healthcare for our patients and reduce the impact – and cost – of chronic conditions.

Less paperwork, fewer hassles

Because access to OurHealth’s network of MyClinics is an employer-sponsored benefit, there’s no patient billing, reduced administrative overhead and less paperwork.

Highly engaged healthcare

OurHealth creates engagement that drives a proactive approach to primary care.  More than 70% of eligible employees use their clinic access benefits.


We are now hiring in Cincinnati for the following positions. Click a link below to read the full description and apply to join our team today.