A Plan for the Big Game: 4 Healthy Plays for Your Viewing Party

The biggest game of the year approaches and with it, one of the biggest eating “holidays” of the year for football fans. Make sure you have a plan to stay healthy.

athenahealth Expands National Cloud Network to Serve On-site Clinics

OurHealth Becomes First On-site Clinic Client; Will Leverage athenahealth National Network and Set of Services to Engage Patients, Identify Gaps in Care, Reduce Costs, and Improve Overall Employee Health

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week: Shatter These 7 Myths About Drugs & Alcohol

This week, January 23 – 29, marks the seventh annual National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW). NDAFW is a national health observance created to promote local events to shatter common and dangerous misconceptions about drugs and alcohol among teens.1,2

Healthy Snacking at Work Made Easy

It’s the time of year for resolutions and good intentions. If one of your goals this year is to eat better, you may be looking for ideas to help make your resolution last longer than the month of January. Healthy snacking at work is great place to start.

From Couch to (Half) Marathon: Taylor’s Training Journey Part 1

January is the perfect time to begin a training program as most marathons are still months away. The structure of a training regimen is a great way to stay active and keep yourself accountable during the dreary winter months.

How to Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting once you’ve set them, but there are ways to make them feel manageable even if you’ve set a tough goal.  

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You Can Actually Keep

45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year, and only 8% of them follow through with them.1 New Year’s resolutions often fade out of focus by February, but if done right, you can set a New Year’s resolution that will create a positive and sustainable life change.

Excuses, Excuses: 3 Winter Exercise Excuses and Why They Don’t Hold Up

As outdoor temperatures creep lower and lower, finding excuses not to exercise becomes easier and easier. Here are 3 common winter exercise excuses you may have, along with solutions that can help prevent you from hibernating this year:

6 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Despite the Pressure

The holiday season can be full of fun, but also pressure. Pressure to be social, to give the perfect gift, to have fun, and with retail stores stocking up on holiday décor and gifts earlier each year, the holiday pressure can often start before Thanksgiving.

Give Yourself The Gift of Health: 4 Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us! This season means holiday movies by the fireplace, fresh fallen snow, and fun family traditions. However, the most wonderful time of the year also brings its fair share of stress, busy schedules and seemingly inevitable holiday sickness. Staying healthy is the key.

Make It Happen: 8 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Eight out of ten American jobs are sedentary or require only light activity.1 If one of these jobs is yours, you’re probably all too aware of how much time you spend sitting at your desk.

The Holiday Pudge Effect: 4 Weight Gain Prevention Tips

Did you know the average holiday dinner contains approximately 3,000 calories, with the possibility of another 1,500 calories in appetizers and drinks? It’s very shocking that within several hours you can consume enough calories for two typical days. With that in mind, let’s talk about weight gain prevention during the holidays.

Electronic Cigarettes: As Harmful as Traditional Cigarettes?

In this day of smoke-free bars, restaurants and other public spaces people are puffing away on electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes. But very little is known about these vapor-based replacements and many groups are leaning toward the thought that e-cigarettes are as harmful as traditional ones.

Be the Boss of Your Body: 3 Keys to Diabetes Management

If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, you likely have questions. What caused this? Can I fix it? What can I do to control my diabetes? With so many questions and worries about factors beyond your control, it can be hard to cut through the clutter and focus on what you can do to employ effective diabetes management.

Diabetes Prevention: What to Know to Successfully Prevent Diabetes

1 in 11 adults is currently living with diabetes.2 A shocking statistic, but thankfully, taking certain preventive measures can increase your chances of preventing diabetes and contributing to that statistic.