OurHealth Raises $37 Million to Accelerate Delivery of Better, More Affordable Healthcare Investment will fund market expansion, sales and marketing growth   INDIANAPOLIS (May 17, 2017) – OurHealth, a leading provider of employer-based on-site and near-site clinics, announces today it has raised $37 million to fund market expansion and further growth in sales, marketing and […]

Don't forget an annual check-up

Women’s Health Week: Don’t Forget an Annual Checkup

This year, Sunday, May 14 marks not only Mother’s Day, but also the kickoff to National Women’s Health Week. Women’s Health Week serves as a great reminder about the importance of annual checkups and health screenings for women.

Organic farmers market

Think Inside the Box: 3 Nutrition Terms that Cause Confusion

One of the first steps to improving your nutrition is becoming more aware of the food you eat,  including reading labels and learning more about what you’re consuming. Beyond reading the key facts like calories and daily values on label, do you know what you’re getting?

7 Hacks for Allergy Relief at Home

Seasonal allergy time is here – ugh. If you’re experiencing the familiar sting of itchy eyes, scratchy throat, or bouts of sneezing with the onset of the season’s bloom, check out these best practices for reducing exposure to allergens like pollen from grasses and trees when you’re home.  

Meal Prep: Save Time, Save Money, and Eat Healthy

Fads around healthy eating are always coming and going, but one thing that makes a trend worth following is when it can do more for your lifestyle than just provide nutritional benefits. One such recent trend is meal prepping. This means preparing and packaging all your meals and snacks for the week at once. While […]

What does mindfulness mean – and is it beneficial?

In its simplest definition, mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to one’s experience in the present moment, without judgment. Used as a stress reduction technique, it can help practitioners achieve reduced anxiety and stress, as well as improved focus and attention span.

From Couch to (Half) Marathon: Taylor’s Training Journey Part 4

With fewer than 30 days until his first half-marathon, an increase in distance – and confidence – has Taylor ready to face his last month of training.    

OurHealth Bolsters Presence in Charlotte

INDIANAPOLIS (April 4, 2017) – OurHealth, an independent provider of employer near-site primary care clinics, today announces its continued growth in the Charlotte area. Remote employees from Bankers Life and Anthem, Inc. will receive consumer-focused health and wellness offerings, such as primary care and acute services and individual health coaching at OurHealth’s near-site MyClinics conveniently […]

5 Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work (or Anywhere Else)

It’s no secret that stress affects most people – and for most, that impact is negative. Beyond the emotional state of anxiety, pressure, or worry, stress can have a big impact on your health.

Ultimate Convenience Food Bracket: Snacktime

When you’re on the run and you know you need a snack, beware what you think is healthy. Here are a few afternoon convenience food options to examine, courtesy of OurHealth Wellness Program Manager, Lauren Hutchens.

Ultimate Convenience Food Bracket: Breakfast

In the spirit of March and all things brackets, we’ve worked with OurHealth Wellness Program Manager, Lauren Hutchens, to identify and compare a few morning convenience food options (you might be surprised at the “winners”).

Sit Up Straight to Think Straight: Desk Chair Posture 101

For most of us, the 80 percent of working Americans whose jobs are sedentary or require only light activity, we spend the better part of each workday sitting in front of a computer. While OurHealth physicians encourage getting up and moving as often as possible throughout the work day, there is a correct way to […]

From Couch to (Half) Marathon: Taylor’s Training Journey Part 3

Less than 60 days until the big race. Last month things didn’t go as planned for Taylor. After a much-needed break he is ready to hit the pavement and finish strong, his confidence higher than ever.  

Four Best Practices for an “All-in” Wellness Strategy

Originally posted as a guest blog post to the FirstPerson blog March 7, 2017. Employee wellness is elusive. Innovative employers like you are constantly searching for ways to attract talent through exceptional benefits, engage and retain your current employees, and reduce healthcare costs. To meet all of these critical needs simultaneously, you resolve to implement […]

4 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

If you are looking for ways to stay healthier at work, there are simple, small things you can do to improve your habits.  Here are four small changes that can help improve your health and stay healthy at the office: