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3 Ways to Find Time for Exercise

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 80 percent of Americans don’t get the amount of exercise recommended for optimal health. Here are three ways to take advantage of “off” hours to meet the CDC-recommended 60 minutes a day of physical activity and improve health and well-being – without reinventing your lifestyle.  

What’s Your Sunscreen IQ?

All the sunshine looks the same to us, but did you know there are two kinds of ultraviolet radiation to protect against? And that not all sunscreen products protect against both types of radiation? Improve your sunscreen IQ with this info.

Coconut Oil: Good, Bad, or Just Trendy?

Coconut oil has become an extremely popular cooking ingredient, and you can also find it used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, even hair conditioners. But is it good you? Though this substance certainly has many benefits, there are still some caveats to keep in mind.

3 Tips for Summer Safety

Summer is about sun, friends, barbecues, and the outdoors. But how do you get the most out of your summer fun and still stay safe? These three tips are a great place to start.

Infographic: Summer Sun Essentials

Hello, summer! By the pool, near the lake, or at the beach – there’s no summer fun without the sun. When you take sun safety seriously, you can effectively reduce your risk for skin cancer. Check out these tips to stay safe with fun in the sun.