A radically simple approach to workplace wellness.

OurHealth pairs convenient near-site and onsite clinics with a dedicated

healthcare team to manage the everyday needs of your entire workforce.


A more cost-effective kind of healthy.

We're making better care more affordable with an average annual

savings of 17% versus trended healthcare costs for employers.


A stronger provider-patient relationship.

We eliminate barriers between providers and patients with wait times

under five minutes and 20-minute and 40-minute appointments.


Since 2009, we’ve helped employers save more than $180 million in healthcare costs by reducing employee emergency room use, redirecting primary care, controlling lab and drug costs, providing independent referrals, and mitigating the impact of chronic conditions.

Since 2016, OurHealth’s simplified approach to healthcare helped patients achieve:


A1c points decreased


LDL points decreased


Pounds lost


Near-site Clinics

Our industry-leading MyClinic network features health centers located in popular shopping centers so high-quality access is just a 10-minute drive from home or work. This turn-key model reduces the barriers to entry and makes the primary care benefit an exciting option for employers of all sizes.

Onsite Clinics

For large employees with a concentrated workforce, an onsite health center brings primary care closer than ever. These centers can also feature onsite medications and specialty services like physical therapy, behavioral health and more – all tailored to the needs of your population.

Wellness Solutions

Our digital wellness platform and team of health coaches enable patients to achieve improved health at every state of awareness and risk. Digital wellness tools are also a great offering for remote populations that may not have access to the physical health center.


Access to our world-class providers is available through our physical health centers and via virtual or telephonic appointments. Simply put, patients can be seen however they choose.


OurHealth MyClinic

“The model is all about getting to know the patient and their health. By having healthcare that’s available when you need it, and having longer appointments, they’re really getting to know you as a patient.”

“I was impressed. They didn’t just write a prescription and say, ‘we’ll see you later.’”

“We’re a small employer, and we don’t get much data from other vendors. But I get it from OurHealth. Our executives love that.”

“From the very first time I walked in, I knew that they genuinely cared. ”

“We were attracted by the innovative approach OurHealth takes to customize its healthcare service for individual clients and for their proven record of positively impacting patient health.”

“The staff helped me get through this…It was the push, it was the caring, it was the love they gave to me. I just can’t thank them enough. They are just so caring and compassionate.”

“It’s the accountability. It’s easy to let yourself down but when you have somebody else who’s in your corner, you don’t want to let them down.”

“The MyClinic solution was not only the most cost-effective option we reviewed; it was also the most flexible and convenient.”

“I am truly blessed and grateful to have a medical staff here in the clinic who really cares about our health and well-being.”

“Our employees and their families deserve the best, and OurHealth is the best clinic solution on the market.”

“We chose OurHealth because we wanted a partner that would meet us where we are.”

“I can’t imagine better customer service in the healthcare field. OurHealth continues to impress.”

The MyClinic network delivers cost savings, predictability on future spend and a healthier workforce. It’s the only solution I’ve found in my 15 years as a benefit consultant that delivers consistent results over the long term.


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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to save employers more than $1 billion in healthcare costs by radically simplifying the consumer healthcare experience.

Benefits for your business

  • Average annual healthcare savings of 17% or more.

  • A client success team focused on optimizing clinic access, employee engagement and improved outcomes.

  • Customized wellness programs and increased access to healthcare for employees.

  • A powerful talent acquisition and retention tool.

  • A dedicated team of truly independent referral specialists.


Why OurHealth Works for Employers

See how employers are using the innovative and engaging benefits of near-site and onsite clinics to create positive outcomes for their employees and their healthcare strategy.

See how we deliver healthcare savings with
the Employer’s Guide to Near-site & Onsite Clinics.


Right Fit. Real Results.

You offer the best solutions. We create flexible, customized healthcare benefits that deliver outstanding patient satisfaction and quantifiable savings. Let’s talk.

Benefits for your clients

  • Average annual healthcare savings of 17% or more.

  • Average employee engagement of 70%.

  • Flexible, customizable and scalable healthcare solutions including near-site, onsite and virtual primary care.

  • Reporting that holistically integrates claims, clinic provider and pharmacy data in a single view.

  • Flexible population health management solutions.

Take the first step towards simplifying your clients’ healthcare.